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  1. piperpiper

    Xplane 11 update status?

    Yes, please, dear PMDG, tell us something about... "help us xplane lovers/preferrers and let us know whats happening" (perfectly said indeed! :)
  2. piperpiper


    Hi Dave, Also for me, updated, and the VFR flight LSZA>LIMF was perfect, no problems at all, clearence allowed, VFR rep points checked. Thanks again! Marco
  3. Hi Dave, I can not say thank you enough for your consistent presence and hard work on your terrific app! I too had some problems with the request of VFR flight following in XP. And I realized that the answer arrived if I didn't mentioned the altitude desired. Well, to be clearer, if I made a request without the altitude (both fligh level XXX or XXXX feet) I got the answer, instead, if I added the altitude I never get it. Maybe did you find a bug related to this issues? Another little thing: when I receive the VFR clearence for the VFR flight following and I reply with "Cleared VFR to..." Tower reproaches me that I have not given any clearence! Best, Marco
  4. Hi Dave, thank you, but I was always on a VFR flight not an IFR, it happend a lot of times during VFR followed flights and during non followed. In the past I had no problems at all doing that request, and I have always been told something like "overhead the airport at 2400 feet and report downwind", but since the .2 or maybe the .1 I'm no more able to perform a VFR approach, it always shows the "unhandled exception". I tried this morning also in new airports around Europe, and it's the same issue. I really do not understand if it's me doing something wrong, but it seems to me that I didn't ntohing different from the past...
  5. In this last version X-Plane 11 I'm no longer able to obtain reply from the Approach after my request of VFR pattern entry. I tried a lot of times and to a lot of approaches, but I always get the unhandled exception message. This happened after a VFR planned and approved flight as well as after a close attempt to a direct approach after a VFR non followed flight.
  6. piperpiper

    Can't active Auto Pilot

    Pas de quoi Guillaume, I think that this DC6 is a piece of art, an amazing acf that gives you the most real feeling you can obtain from a simulation. Then, I'm happy to share some little info. Me too need a lot of info about that and I'm just studing it, because it's worth it. It really deserves a bit of attention. Marco Scuto
  7. piperpiper

    Can't active Auto Pilot

    There's a lever that must be up in order to make it work, you can find it in page 52, the grey lever number 396. Marco Scuto
  8. piperpiper

    Just to say thank you

    I have been away from the sim for a while and now I see a lot of improvements, it's very stable now, and more complete, particularly for the VFR. Thank you Dave! :smile:
  9. piperpiper

    Propeller reverse and mixture control.

    Eventually I can confirm that it's due to my G940. If I try without connecting it at all, the reverse lever works very well via keyboards keys. If I connect the G940 the reverse lever don't work anymore, and If I disconnect the G940 the reverse lever hangs as before. Only if I recharge the aircraft it does work via keyboards commands properly. But more than that: I have two complete different sets, the G940 and the pro flight yoke, well, with this set the reverse lever works properly. Maybe this issue is because my set is damaged, I don't know. Marco Scuto
  10. piperpiper

    Propeller reverse and mixture control.

    Thank you, I'll investigate more about hardware, I think the problem is in G940 L. That is, I set keyboard keys and mouse touch with hardware connected, because it does not make sense for me don't use it, But I'll see what if I don't. Marco Scuto
  11. piperpiper

    Propeller reverse and mixture control.

    The DC6 is amazing, the beauty, the great feeling, the accurate systems, the perfect model and texturization of this masterpiece gives you the authentic impression like no other. But I beg you to go over the reverse threshold in the future... (if the threshold is the real issue...). After a lot of tries I realized that with my configuration it's impossible to use the native PMDG reverse system. I'm forced to use the default XP reverse if I want to stop during a short landing. And it's like to land with a turboprop, totally wrong, I know... So, if in the corner of your far intentions, there is a chance to go over this feature (andI know that it's perfect for almost all the poeple), please, do it. Even with the software provided by the producer, I was not able to solve the sensibilty and the null zone of my G940 enough to satisfy the reverse red bar demands, no matter how many tries I did,it randomly works, but it's totally unpredictable. I set the levers with a keyboard key, with a button, with the mouse... nothing. Marco Scuto
  12. piperpiper

    hydraulic pressure gauge

    It's on the right side, under the window, near to the first officer seat. Marco Scuto
  13. piperpiper

    DC-6 autopilot

    Gotcha! I'm glad to have been of help! Marco Scuto
  14. piperpiper

    DC-6 autopilot

    The upper switch (PLANE BATTERY) must be set on "Plane Battery" ok, but the lower one (BATT.& GND POWER) must be set on "BATT.& GND POWER", the off position turns the battery off, not the ground power off. Marco Scuto
  15. piperpiper

    DC-6 autopilot

    BATT.& GND POWER "on", PLANE BATTERY "on". Marco Scuto