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  1. Hi, I would like to update the Garmin nav data in my unit but want to make sure I purchase the right product to purchase. Does anyone have a link to where I can purchase and what product is the one for the RXP units. Thanks! Ken
  2. klosurdo


    Great! Thanks!
  3. klosurdo


    I would like to make the suggestion to have a location where RealityXP users can share their aircraft integration setup files. Just a suggestion, rather than having to scour the internet.
  4. Hello, I purchased the 750/650 combo and absolutely love them. However, I am totally in over my head when it comes to getting them to integrate into the 3D panel. I was able to find bluebell2's file to integrate the 2 duel 750's in the 172 default and they work great. Are there any other resources that could help me get the 750/650 installed in my Carenado 1900d and Cessna 208? Have searched around and could not find much to help a novice like myself. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Ken
  5. Hi, I am interested in purchasing the GTS 750/650 combo. I just have a question. I know that the units do not support Navigraph updates. How do I keep the units updated to the latest cycle info? Is this a complicated process? Thanks for your time.
  6. klosurdo

    DC-6 and X-plane11

    Hey Everyone, FYI I Just noticed in XP11 beta 8 that I am no longer getting blackouts at higher altitudes. Just flew at 15500 without blackout... Ken Losurdo