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  1. I also get the Side by side error as well.
  2. yes Spad.next woks with MSFS 2020. Test it out with the free trial!!
  3. I am actually using Spad.Next for MCP and Radio Com programing. I think its a little more straight forward and less buggy then the Pollypot. They also have a free trial.
  4. When I got their email I was actually kind of surprised and it gave me hope that they were maybe going to be back on top of things...Hopefully they get things together. I have a lot of their peripherals that have yet to live up expectations.
  5. Just got a email from Goflight with a link to the new MSFS 2020 compatible software. However, no instructions on how to setup and use. I launch the program and it does not give me the option to select MSFS 2020 only prior versions of MSFS. Anyone else have success setting up the "new" Goflight MSFS 2020 compatible software?
  6. Hi, I would like to update the Garmin nav data in my unit but want to make sure I purchase the right product to purchase. Does anyone have a link to where I can purchase and what product is the one for the RXP units. Thanks! Ken
  7. I would like to make the suggestion to have a location where RealityXP users can share their aircraft integration setup files. Just a suggestion, rather than having to scour the internet.
  8. Hello, I purchased the 750/650 combo and absolutely love them. However, I am totally in over my head when it comes to getting them to integrate into the 3D panel. I was able to find bluebell2's file to integrate the 2 duel 750's in the 172 default and they work great. Are there any other resources that could help me get the 750/650 installed in my Carenado 1900d and Cessna 208? Have searched around and could not find much to help a novice like myself. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Ken
  9. Hi, I am interested in purchasing the GTS 750/650 combo. I just have a question. I know that the units do not support Navigraph updates. How do I keep the units updated to the latest cycle info? Is this a complicated process? Thanks for your time.
  10. Hey Everyone, FYI I Just noticed in XP11 beta 8 that I am no longer getting blackouts at higher altitudes. Just flew at 15500 without blackout... Ken Losurdo
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