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  1. rodrigosrios

    PMDG Code running outside fsx process

    Thanks for all the information, very interesting reading! I guess I'll keep using the fsx.exe with real time priority, as it does help the sim improve performance and with Ryan's great detailed explanation I can be sure that it does not bring any side effect to the T7 simulation. Best regards.
  2. rodrigosrios

    PMDG Code running outside fsx process

    Hello Everyone! I have bought the T7 a couple of months back and since then I have been reading the forums quite avidly. I remember reading that PMDG runs code out of the FSX main process. One of my tweaks to run FSX better is to give it real time priority in the task manager. It works great to avoid stutter and to get textures to load faster. When I read that PMDG runs code outside of FSX I looked in task manager to see if there were any PMDG process going on to set a higher priority too. Unfortunately there are none listed. But now I was wondering if this has something to do with the freezes, I get them quite often in every long flight that I do. Excuse me the ignorant terminology but maybe isn't it the PMDG code not getting enough CPU time what may cause the freeze? Does anybody know if giving fsx real time priority to CPU would automatically do the same for all PMDG process? If not is there a way to do it? Doyou guys think is worth doing some experiments to see if it does have any influence? Best regards.
  3. rodrigosrios

    I got issues with fuel, cabin pressure, and batteries

    In my case the internal clock was freezing. You can check this by loading the BIOS and looking at the time, if the seconds are not running the clock is stuck (windows clock will work for a while and get crazy). When you computer is powered on or connected to power it wont use the mobo battery. Try removing your pc power cord and the motherboard battery, if it is a laptop also remove the battery and wait a few minutes just to make sure no capacitors are charged. Be aware you will loose all the BIOS settings. If your motherboard has a clear CMOS jumper or switch you can leave the wall power on remove the motherboard battery and clear the CMOS. I believe that even if you don't use system time for the flights you will run into problems.
  4. rodrigosrios

    I got issues with fuel, cabin pressure, and batteries

    I had a similar issue and the problem was that my windows clock was wrong, I did a BIOS upgrade in my motherboard and it caused its internal clock to freeze every once in a while, thus causing windows to loose the correct time. When that happened I got the cabin altitude and fuel warnings in the simulation. Check if the time is correct in your system, if its not that may be the cause of the problem. If you correct the time and restart FSX everything should be fine again. If the problems happens again you have to pin point why your clock is going crazy. In my case I had to remove the battery from my motherboard to clear the CMOS and my problem was solved. Best regards Rodrigo.