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  1. Hi, same for me displays 3.1 in the config manager BUT when you start Fs2Crew in the Simulator it shows 3.2 SOP 2 Set regards, Mav
  2. Had the same problem couple days ago. 6 x times crashes on the flight from EDDM-ESSA. Crash over Dresden (entering ORBX Germany North) failure message : ASP4..ambient....... Active sky has nothing to do with the problem. It happens without ASP4 too. 1. I fixed my crashes (always happened at the same location) with this: in ORBX Germany North had flashing lights 2. The flashing lights / pylons in ORBX Germany North: I solved this problem, changing settings from 8xMSAA to 4xSSAA hope I could help best regards, Mav
  3. Maverick3333

    Camera Speed

    Hi Keven, didn't want to create a new Topic. Since yesterday I am a new owner of Chaseplan. Great Product (better than Star Citizen in Alpha Version *LOL* so far). One question for Control assigment. My Warthog Coolie Hat is for left,right,up and down view, but the Speed looking around is a little bit to slow. Do you know where i can't fix this) Thx. Mav
  4. Maverick3333

    Purchase Issue

    Thank you, this website can't be open with my newest version of Mozilla Firefox. Fehler: Gesicherte Verbindung fehlgeschlagen Die Verbindung zum Server wurde zurückgesetzt, während die Seite geladen wurde. Kontaktieren Sie bitte den Inhaber der Website, um ihn über dieses Problem zu informieren Suggestion Mozilla: Wenn dieses Problem bei Ihnen auftritt, nehmen Sie mit den Besitzern der Website Kontakt auf und bitten Sie diese, ihre TLS-Version auf eine aktuelle und sichere Version zu aktualisieren. If you experience this issue, contact the owners of the site and ask them to update their TLS version to a current and secure version. - Internet Explorer will work, but maybe for the future OldProp can repair it. THX best regards
  5. Maverick3333

    Purchase Issue

    Hi, I want to buy chaseplane too but can't reach the website fsxpackage. Can u tell me please who offers ChasePlane, simmarket? LG Mav
  6. Hello, Three days ago I got a Network connection failure when I was using my virtual CDU for PMDG 777. I tried all suggested fixes, according to the Virtual Avionics Help desk (IP, Router, Firewall, etc) with my tablet and smart phone. (VAinterface new and latest version) No positive results. PMDG 737 virtual CDU is working fine. But the B777 is no longer working with the CDU.. Could it be that the problem is the PMDG update which I installed 3 days ago ? (PMDG 777 FSX Version 1.10.8448 and B777-300 Version 1.10.8414) Thanks in advance for your help and support. Best regards, Mav