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  1. Sersanara

    Problem with jet blast fences at airports

    Thank you for your answers guys. The airport of the pic is a Ray Smith's mod. I tried move it to top in the scenery library but don't work. I think remember that the same happens at stock airports too. Maybe Stans is in true and it's concerned to distance between airplane and fence, but I have also seen blast fences over buildings. I wondered if there is a way to remove these fences of all airports by deleting some file or similar, because I don't know handle ADE, and changing it one by one...
  2. Hi, Some jet blast fences places over the aircrafts like the A380 on the pic. Does anybody know how to solve this issue? Thanks.
  3. Sersanara

    New PC for FSX

    I'm saying my monitor have a 768 native resolution but it's capable of display 1080i resolution (I have my windows7 desktop at 1080 and all that I do with my PC is in that res), so yes, I can display 1080 picture in 1080 res, but it isn't native res, only that. Or maybe you mean it could be not a good idea to play FSX when you say that makes no sense... Then, yes I know I know.
  4. Sersanara

    New PC for FSX

    Well, after a few months playing FSX with this PC I'm very happy with the results. Only a couple of things I didn't like: Gigabyte z77-DS3H MOBO has an important problem. Vcore cannot be modified!!! But I have gotten OC until 4,4ghz without change it, with good core temp (55º to 70º playing FSX). The next time I buy a MOBO I'll make sure Vcore can modify. My monitor is a Sony TV with 1360x768 (60hz) native resolution, but I have chosen 1920x1080 (30hz). I don't know if it's a good idea, but I prefer bigger resolution screen. Maybe it's the reason why I have not got a very good smooth simulation yet (some little stutters), but I'm not complaining.
  5. I have understood according to G.Skill, Corsair or Kingston are the best ones and, if there is no choice, Samsung or Hynix. The higher the frequency, the faster the card. And the lower the CL the faster the card. You should to see how many frequency card your motherboard support (can you see wrote on it, or in the net).
  6. Sersanara

    New PC for FSX

    Thank you for your considerations. I already have bought it. More important that differents products for a fine optimization I was asking for problems with the compatibility. But I appreciate the comments. I see, it seems that the configuration is good or unless viable . Well, I was looking liquid refrig but warned me it was more difficult to install, and air refrig go well too. But I'll consider it in the future if the OC is not sufficient for smooth sim. I finally got 3770k. I was considering 4770k but I read that ivy bridge is better for OC. Budget is no problem. Anyway I chose the cheaper 780, MSI. Correct. And I'm not sure if MB support more than 1600 RAM. I was looking in internet for several days, and many quantity of products, procs, MBs, Graffic cards, memories, etc. It has been long and tiring. I did not want to start over with a new motherboard. I hope the Gigabyte z77-DS3H be enough for a good OC. Unless there is some configuration not recommended I'll continue with this.
  7. Hi all, I'm gonna buy this: i7-3770k Gigabyte z77-DS3H Corsair RM850 80+gold 850W Noctua NH-C14 MSI GTX780 OC 3gb RAM 2x8gb 1600 DDR3 Kingston Hyperx CL9 Samsung SSD Sata3 840 EVO 240gb How do you see? Any incompatibility or bottleneck? Good to Overclocking?
  8. Hi all, I'm new here. I have been looking for a solution to my problem with FSX in internet but I haven't found anything, so, here is the question. Just after installing Beetle Print Experience X v1.20, my World of AI don't work correctly. When I go to a night fly, and therefore cities, towns, roads, etc night lights are on, the WOAI planes are all minus one on ground. And also, they don't move over time. It's seems like they cannot log in, load their flight plans due to incompatibility with Experience X. If the fly is during the day there is no problem, there are planes on air, ground, taking off, landing, etc. If I unistall Experience X and restore the backup, all back to normality. I have tried unistall both add-ons and installing Experience X first and WOAI after, thinking about the installation of night lights could overwrite some files of WOAI, but nothing, traffic AI keep on with problens at nights. Also I have tried changing the amount of air traffic coss I read no where that WOAI gave some problems with traffic at 100% or similar, but not. It's work perfectly at 100%, only fail at nights and with Experience X. I know what you first say is, change AI traffic add-on, or remove Experience X, but I like both. Somebody can help me? Thankyou, and sorry for my english (I'm spanish) Best regards.
  9. Hola a todos, soy nuevo por aqui. He estado buscando una solucion a mi problema por la red pero al no encontrarla me he decidido a preguntar aqui, ya que parece que este es el foro mas completo que existe sobre FSX. Lo que me ocurre es que tras instalar el Beetle Print Experience X v1.20, el World of AI no funciona correctamente. Cuando entro en un vuelo nocturno, y por lo tanto estan funcionando las luces de ciudades, pueblos, carreteras, etc que instala este add-on (que por cierto son magnificas), los aviones del WOAI estan todos menos uno o dos en tierra. Y ademas, no se mueven con el paso del tiempo. Parece como si no pudieran acceder a sus planes de vuelo o algo asi por algun problema de incompatibilidad con el Experience X. Vamos que estan ahi pero como dummies. Si el vuelo es diurno no hay problema, hay aviones en tierra, volando, despegando, aterrizando, etc. Si desinstalo las luces del Experience X y restauro los archivos del Backup que hace al principio, todo vuelve a la normalidad. He probado tambien a desinstalar los dos add-ons e instalar primero el Experience X y luego el WOAI, pensando que la instalacion de las luces podria capar algo del trafico AI, pero nada, sigue sin funcionar de noche el WOAI. Tambien he probado cambiando la cantidad de trafico aereo, ya que lei no se donde que el WOAI daba algunos problemas con trafico al 100% o similar, pero tampoco. El WOAI me funciona muy bien al 100%, solo falla por la noche y con el Experience X. Ya se lo primero que me vais a decir, cambia de Traffic AI, o quita el Experience X, pero es que me gustaria conservar los dos, por distintos motivos. Alguien ha tenido algun problema similar? Una ayudita? Gracias anticipadas, Un saludo.