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  1. Hi Mark Is it possible to run version 2.0.2 when P3dv2 and P3dv3 is installed ?? When i start P3dv3 the SimServer can´t see that P3dv3 is running... Kind Regards Patrick Hammer
  2. HammerP

    Problem Install 777 in P3Dv2

    I have installed the SimConnect files, but it don´t work. I get an CTD. Last week i installd the 737NGX for P3Dv2. The 737 works ok with no problems. Kind regads Patrick Hammer
  3. HammerP

    Problem Install 777 in P3Dv2

    Hello I can´t install PMDG 777 for P3D in P3dv2. The installation is succesfull, but when i start P3D, i get a CTD. What is the Problem ?? I had installed again, but P3D don´t start. Kind regards Patrick Hammer
  4. HammerP

    P3D 2.5 PMDG 737 Problem

    I had reinstall T7 but IT doesn't Work. P3d Open a window call a heavy Problem and close p3d. Patrick Hammer
  5. HammerP

    P3D 2.5 PMDG 737 Problem

    Thank you ! I get it ! The 737 works fine ! Now, I have a Problem with T7 in P3D. After install the T7, P3D won´t work. I can´t start the P3D. I got a crash. Whats the Problem ?? Patrick Hammer
  6. HammerP

    P3D 2.5 PMDG 737 Problem

    Where can I get the Simconnect package ?? Patrick Hammer
  7. HammerP

    P3D 2.5 PMDG 737 Problem

    Hello I have a new installation of P3D 2.5 am my Windows 10 PC. I have installed PMDG 737 for P3D. After starting the P3D i loaded the 737. I get no funktion of any Button and no funktion on the screens (FMC, CDU,...) I got no Window for the Serial. Is this normal ? Can everybody help me ?? Thanks Patrick