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  1. Indeed. Mac Pro 4,1, 16GB RAM, 240gb SSD for XP, 128gb SSD for system and regular apps. ATI Radeon 5770 graphics card. Crashes after 10-15 minutes. OK if I want to do touch and goes, but I want to do TRIPS, and it seems impossible.
  2. Is any part of VATSIM Macintosh compatible? Mac Pro 4,1, 16gb RAM, 240gb SSD for XP, 128gb SSD for system. ATI Radeon 5770 graphics card. I'd really like to have ATC as I was a real-world pilot until my health grounded me. ATC was always part of my ops, as I live in the SF Bay Area. I'd like to have VATSIM, but I can't find anything Mac compatible, and as I'm on a fixed income, PilotEdge is out of the question. Can anyone help me? XP ATC is useless.
  3. If it didn't crash after 10 minutes, it'd be a lot more usable.
  4. If they don't fix ATC in XPX, there won't be a purchase of XPXI in this house. Good gawd does XPX suck. Really incompetent software writing.