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  1. jogger95

    Problem with SID / STAR

    Hello, Thank you for your answer To your question, if the plane turns to MN052, no, it is heading to the right and flying anywhere. You tell me about the DIRECT FIX LEFT / RIGHT setting nnnnn always causes a rollover instead of a rollover. It would be a good idea to pass the Navigraph in their support forum. How should I proceed to have the plane fly directly to MN052? thank you for your reply cordially
  2. jogger95

    Problem with SID / STAR

    Hello, I wanted to fly LFMN / LFPG with the PMDG 777 P3DV4 with 1805 airacs Then the SID: OKTE6C and STAR: Tini8E At the time of the takeoff and paros clicked on the autopilot (LNAV and VNAV) the plane leaves to the right but instead of going to the left, the plane continues to the right so it leaves the SID, I was forced to navigate manually to the first Waypoint and at that point the aircraft was following the flight plan. Arrived to LFPG when the plane starts the approach it does not respect the STAR and goes elsewhere. Can you inform me on this subject and help me if possible? cordially