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  1. foxfiles

    An Interesting Future for Outerra

    for such a 3D application, that will open and/or store more and more datas, 64 bits is obviously welcome as soon as possible, before the engine increases its complexity and capabilities. I suggest you read the below page, to see why it is interesting to run in 64 bits, starting from the application/program up to the OS and the CPUs...64 bits is more than worth it!by0RqL
  2. foxfiles

    An Interesting Future for Outerra

    This engine is having multiple potential applications; the spectrum is much broader than the sole gaming/consumer-sim market. I think that the OT's founders are aware of all the potentiality... but they focus mainly on the gaming/sim segment and want to keep as much control as possible. The problem is that going to consumer funding will restrain the global spectrum of their technology...
  3. foxfiles

    An Interesting Future for Outerra

    I do not agree because it is possible to match the real feel... Please just take a look at how Google Earth's 3D cities are already very realistic. And there are other companies who already provide much better models. I think that the solution is a mix of procedural and 3D scanned datas... I know ESRI's cityengine but it is GIS too much related and the look and feel is very artificial. Anyway, realistic 3D datas of cities there are, and I'd like to see a small sample imported and rendered in Outerra.
  4. foxfiles

    An Interesting Future for Outerra

    Hello all, I am following Outerra since more than 2 years and this engine is indeed very promising. However, and I said it many times on their forum, I'd really like to see what it "gives" with large and complex man-made datas; like detailed 3d cities. These models are easily available (at least sample parts of real cities are existent, companies are focussed on providing such files, got from airborne photogrammetry or other sensing technologies) and so far, unfortunately, we never had any chance to see any convincing examples or demos. The developers count on procedural generation of non natural structures using vector datas (roads from 2d maps and so on), but I wonder, it will last years... If someone has a good example of a simulation with realistic cities, even in limited areas, feel free to post here :mellow:
  5. foxfiles

    An Interesting Future for Outerra

    To answer in a simple way, I think that this company does not want to follow the usual milestones that a similar start-up company would follow... They know pretty well that if they want to accelerate their growth, and deliver a product or a minimum proto-product, they must express a clear plan and start to fund raise. My opinion, so far, is that they still want to work at their "rythm" with no much pressure. Problem is that without sufficient resources at work, their development is much too slow and people start to be disappointed. (or maybe they think they can sell their technology or be "purchased" by a big company)