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  1. Hi, My water in FSX is flowing really fast like in 8x or something, do anyone know what´s the problem and how to fix it? I have UTX and GEX installed. Thanks in advance.
  2. I use the Thomas Ruth A330-200/300, but how much flaps should i use around 180-220knots without the nose pitching up?
  3. Hi, Do anyone know that what is the approach and landing speed and flaps for the A330? I currently approach at 200-220 knots flaps set to 1-2. My nose pitches up on approach before glideslope and i think the problem is on the speed or flaps. Thank you for your replies.
  4. I have had this problem with every plane i have used, when i'm ils approaching with 180-200knts my nose pitches up a lot, but it wont stall or anything but it looks annoying. When im in GS mode the nose becomes normal again. Please help.
  5. Hi, I'm getting those fatal errors during flight with DX9 but when i switch to DX10 i dont have this problem. I dont want to use DX10 bcuz i like my enb and DX10 has odd graphics. I have the UiAutomaticore.dll in my FSX folder already. Is there something to do with the enb? 2. I have noticed that when i'm in the LOC mode before GS in the speed of 180knots my posky 737 nose is really pithed up like in the take off. Thanks.
  6. Hi, My FSX crashes without any warning or fatal error on the startup, The crashing started after i installed FlightFX+SweetFX. It was working fine like 30 minutes and when i rebooted my computer my FSX just crashes on the startup without any warning. I have tweaked my fsx.cfg with the venetubo thing but i put the backup back on the FSX folder, but it didnt help. Please help. BTW i have windows 8.1.
  7. kuuulia

    SweetFX problem

    Thanks for your reply, but how can you enable SweetFX without FlightFX?
  8. kuuulia

    SweetFX problem

    I downloaded SweetFX copy and pasted all files to the main FSX folder and then installed FlightFX and after that i registered a new game in FlightFX (fsx.exe). Thats how i did it. Thanks for your reply.
  9. kuuulia

    SweetFX problem

    Hi, I can't enable (pause break doesn't work) the SweetFX in FSX SP2, i have disabled Anti-alising, have tried DX10 preview mode, nothing seems to work. I have tried the split screen mode but that doesn't work either. Does this have something to do with Windows 8.1 or something? I have tweaked my fsx.cfg with the venetubo tweak thing, but i don't think that's the problem. My specs: I7-4770 3.4ghz GTX 770 Windows 8.1 also i have tried to change the pause break button to another button but that didnt work either.
  10. Hi, Do any of you have a problem that you cant download the files from the internet during the installation, and when you enter that internet download step your app will becomr no responding? Can someone help??