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  1. Funny you mention that about your 1TB WD, but slow access -if unjustified- could be bad news. Just one thing to check, is your suddenly-turned-slow-WD your boot drive? if so, please ensure that at least one quarter of its size/capacity is empty, e.g. 250GB or so free on a 1TB drive, or something in that region. Filling up your drive to the rim makes it slow, and leaves no leg room for swap files and other Windows' below-the-surface operations that need ample free space. I personally consider two thirds of any drive as the upper limit, especially if it is a boot device. Now with price per GB or TB so low, it is a non-issue, buy larger and expand. Maybe if you are on the verge of a major makeover, it may be prime time for you to introduce an ssd for a boot device, and here again don't try to economize, go for 256GB minimum, this should just about seat your Windows and its lot, and FSX with a fair deal of add-ons. Best wishes.
  2. Hello, Don't panic, more likely than not, there is no hardware damage to your drive, just a corrupt mft. 9 out of 10 the stock chkdsk should be able to solve, FIRST: backup all of your vital data / files, then proceed with the repair. Restart and press F8 to get into safe mode, run cmd from an elevated privilege (i.e. run as administrator) and run chkdsk /f. Let it do its work. Even the message image you post suggests to you to use chkdsk. Alternately you can right click on "My Computer" icon on desktop and select manage, then on the leftt pane select "Disk Management" and on the right hand side, right click on your troubled drive, select properties and then tools then error checking and press the check now button. It will schedule a chkdsk for the next bootup. Just restart and let nature take its course. I know how wary one can be of the possibility of making things worse but you can't live with a corrupt mft. Hence my suggestion to backup first. There are tons of third party utilities that may help in the unlikely event that chdsks fails, but I really cannot be of any help in this field. Maybe you need to research that yourself. If all fails I always perform a full format, including deletion of all partition(s) and recreating from zilch, and then a fresh installation of Windows, but that is a lot of man-hours, sweat and blood, lets hope you won't need that and chkdsk sorts you out. Good luck.
  3. kalizzi

    Disappointed with CS

    Whenever anyone has any grievance with CS, the same lot rush into bullying the whistle-blower to shut up and wrap it. I have seen this on many threads. Someone who says he never owned a CS product yet he knows the fine print better than their own solicitor. What a paradox. Another piggybacks on a question that was directed at someone else just to mingle and iron out the complaint. Others patronize by saying you made a bad decision to buy a boxed product. They were the clever ones who proactively figured it out and bought direct from CaptSim! The bad decision was to buy anything associated with CaptSim in the first place, that is the truth. CaptSim are at liberty to rock us, but God help you if you open your mouth and complain, or try to tell about it. Take it laying back and smile. That is the rationale of the bullies. Having said all that I may wish to add gratitude for all those upright ones who showed support and understanding. I also apologise if I have inadvertently offended anybody on here. Definitely not my intention to do that. Just someone who got a raw deal and feels incensed about it and wants to warn others to stay away from the dodgy firm that did it. "If you ###### us do we not bleed? ...if you wrong us shall we not revenge?" -William Shakespeare Haha so funny the automated moderator blocked out a Shakespearian word. It means stab or wound. I'm out of this. Best wishes to all.
  4. kalizzi

    Disappointed with CS

    So what's in it for you then? whay are you so fierce in defending them and rush to water down any grievance or complaint anyone posts against CS? How do you know their fine print better than the solicitor who wrote it?
  5. kalizzi

    Disappointed with CS

    Mr. Howard, I have seen heaps of your posts in support of CS whenever anyone has a grievance against them. Am I speaking to an employee of Captain Sim?
  6. kalizzi

    Disappointed with CS

    Bless your heart, sir. NuitKati, I didn't make a bad decision, I bought it where it was marketed in the UK. The box has CaptainSim logo on it, where did I go wrong? And oh yes I learned my lesson, I would never buy from CS ever. Just my duty to make my experience public so other simmers see that facts and not land in the same pitfall. Captain Sim does not support anything that is not bought directly from them,. Boxed products especially. They brag about it as well. "The Devil, is he all bad?" Anything can be argued.
  7. kalizzi

    Disappointed with CS

    Mr. Propane, Where did you get the above information from? Taking apologia to the extreme, making up excuses that even the culprit did not think of. It is surely not what CS say. They just refuse to support. Period. They never mention the rocket science technicality of authenticating the purchase as the underlying reason. This extremely naive proposition was introduced by the P51 guy half a dozen posts up, and not captain sim, in apologia on their behalf! You just hopped into the discussion and took this preposterous proposition for real. Opening your post with an insult. No my views are not warped, maybe classical and old fashioned. Yes with all the decadence of this age we are doing away with a lot of our rights. I suggest that you heed your own advice and read more about consumer rights. Maybe the UK laws are more pro-consumer than other places, and the expectancy level of people in the UK are higher as a result. I am not asking for anything outrageous. Thank you sir for so eloquently stating this. Economics 101. For CS when cooperation between businesses goes south, the manufacturer extorts the customers into paying more. Klyptocracy 101. Tom you so adamantly keep equating CS with the decent firms out there, your analogy is invalid, you're trying to force - insert CS into the ranks of JF, Aerosoft and PMDG. Can't be done. CS is the odd one out in your example, they are an offshore rogue and don’t play by the rules of civilised world. They do so with impunity because in Russia, for example, you can fake your own death certificate with a bottle of vodka . Read this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2112163/Stephen-Kellaway-faked-death-43k-swindle-pay-wifes-breast-enlargement-jailed.html
  8. kalizzi

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Although I never had the good fortune to meet you, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what a character you must have been from all the love shown by everyone on here. God bless you Tom. Rest in peace. You shall live on through your great work in this monumental site and the fond memories people have of you.
  9. kalizzi

    CaptainSim reimburse

    Good luck with that, mate.
  10. kalizzi

    Disappointed with CS

    Gerry if that was the case then all brands in the world would lose their value and siginificance. The only reason they are doing that to us with impunity is because they are safely off shore outside the reach of consumer protetcion laws of the civilised world. Besides, your car example analogy is not applicable to my case because the respectable firm Just Flight is a household name for computer simming in the UK for a very long time -would have been more appropriate to have likened the dodgy captain sim to a grey market dealer. Dear Tom, I'll go along your line of the argument: last week I bought two very expensive REX add-ons from Just Flight, I went to the support forum of Rex Studios and they recognised both JF order numbers. It is not rocket science. The problem is not the technicality of the process, it is the will. Please read up my earlier postings and you will know what I am on about, and having said that I wish to thank you for your input and attempt to help. This is turning into a Byzantine dialogue, with so many posters volunteering apologia for Captain Sim's dishonesty and warped ways and attempting to vindicate it with all sorts of arguments. Some in good will I am sure, and some have their motives as well. The case is crystal clear dodgy dealing and its a no brainer.
  11. kalizzi

    Disappointed with CS

    Tom, so the problem in your opinion is the technicality of verifying the authenticity of the purchase? you're miles off. I also -with all due respect- do not merit your justification of how safer it is to buy direct from the developer, as though JF have pirated the copies that they sold onto us. Imagine if the world ran like this we would have no trade at all, no resellers no distributors.
  12. kalizzi

    Disappointed with CS

    Gerry thank you for your interest and attempt to help, mine was bought from Just Flight and I submitted my order number along with my communication to cap sim but they just gave me a canned reply. I spoke to JF support -wonderful people, honest, genuine and very helpful- and was informed that cap sim have suddenly stopped supporting their products that they marketed in the UK through JF, in breach of the agreement that JF had with them, and as they are a Russian company it was never deemed practical to chase them up legally. Russia and Ukraine are not under EU laws -hence the impunity of captain sim- and again you cannot equate Aerosoft with cap sim. Worlds apart between the two entities. So in a clam, captain sim wants me to dump my legally acquired 727, get a refund maybe or not, they don't give rat's behind, and then pay them 50 Dollars or so just to get one update that they should have provided free with a smile? never in a million years. That would be yielding to extortion. Such a cheap shot. I also saw many reports on the internet of double and triple card charging by captain sim, and service non-delivery and non-refunds for faulty products. It's a Pandora's box once you google it. Don't get me started please. They are not getting my card number for sure. On the wider point, the product I have is captian sim regardless of who sold it to me, as long as it is not pirated from some torrent, and they - captain sim - got royalty from the money I paid, then it is their responsibility to support it. They cannot disown their product just because they posted -post facto- some disclaimer in fine print somewhere on their web site. A lot of products I have came through high street vendors that closed or went out of business, we go to the mother company and get support without further ado. If they just tell me to stuff it, tough, then I would avoid any dealing with them and it is my duty to make the facts known to every flight simming household out there so they stay away and not get the raw treatment I had.
  13. kalizzi

    Disappointed with CS

    Gerry, your post constitutes the first reference to PMDG in this thread. There is no way to equate between CS and PMDG. Nevertheless, now that you cited PMDG as an example, I'll go along and add that while PMDG (a developer operating from VA and is liable to US laws) do not deal with upgrading boxed sets directly, they empowered Aerosoft to address it. So there is no problem. And, of course I have a purchase number but it is useless for it was not a direct purchase from captain sim.
  14. kalizzi

    Disappointed with CS

    Nuitkati "And sending the box to Russia by mail as proof? I don't know if that would work out so well." Bless your heart, I choked with my morning coffee and laughed until my tears ran. I agree to your valid propositions but an honest software vendor would support the customers notwithstanding. If it is, for argument sake, some inter-vendor dispute, the customer should not be made to suffer. CS is not right.
  15. kalizzi

    Disappointed with CS

    In my humble opinion, software publishers should honour anything the users paid for and bought legitimately. The real threat is from piracy, and they should focus more on dealing with that rather than looking for cheap ways to milk the customers. I am sorry too you had a problem with Aerosoft, but from my own experiences, having had my own interaction with Aerosoft, you cannot compare the two, Aerosoft are tough but honest and upright. At least you get a human being to reply to you.