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  1. fvfv


    Before buying the 750 for x-plane 11, I just want to ask if it works, as a popup window, with any freeware from X-Plane. Don't want to shed the money just to find out that it only works with 3 or 4 planes.
  2. fvfv

    Prepar3d v2.5 vs X-plane 10.35

    It looks awesome. but only .00000002% of the world. (California and Nevada). Hoepully, as you said, it will be the future.
  3. fvfv

    Prepar3d v2.5 vs X-plane 10.35

    I'm an x-planer since v9 which means I'm an x-planer for life, but our curiosity always takes us to different paths, so I thought I gave P3D a try: I can't believe everyone here says P3d is not FSX. THEY ARE THE SAME !!!!. Matter of fact they have the same Core Engine as P3d is just a rewrite of FSX. I was extremely disappointed to find out the same skies, flat runways, awful frame rate and on top of it all, the default P3d installation does not have a SINGLE airliner. Not a single one !. I have tried to find a reason to give P3d a try. Since 90% of my time I spend it on VATSIM, These are must-haves: Decent, Universal FMC that supports SIDs. STARS and most importantly RNAVS. X-plane has X-FMC. I'm still trying to find something for P3D that can be used on all aircraft without messing with panel.cfg files. Airport navigator that shows my plane on the gate and tells me how to get to the assigned runway. X-plane has AirportNavigator. The closest thing I found for p3d is avilasoft EFB. not even close. Good moving map. I use Plan-G and it seems to also work good with P3D. I imagine if you are not flying on line you can live without these addons, but in general X-Plane is so much more better when it comes to dynamics and control. It;s been 6 days since I installed P3D and tried to make it as close to x-plane on plugins as possible. Tonight I will need to reinstall P3d because it does not work any more