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  1. i need to knowtampa's 36L APP CRS
  2. i cant find it, it just has info i dont need
  3. where on it? what is it for Tampa 36L?
  4. how do you find the course for an airport, such as tampa intl.??
  5. why not i uninstall all the planes with similar problems and then uninstall EZDok an then install the planes again? and is OpusFSX good?
  6. it worke normlly with the two and then it started to crash!!! i use ezdok fsx succsessful in past and no recent addons
  7. Whn i load up my 737NGX it starts to spin like normal for like 10 milliseconds and then my fsx freezes and crashes!!! i got sp1 and accel. whats going on??
  8. i cant press many buttons... and that includes the YD one
  9. The heading or the middle display is not showing and there is a warning saying "VD FAIL" I tried a bajillion buttons but its not working. help
  10. Which one is better? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thank you! i think before any hard things that you have to do, try my suggestion first. if i doesn't work, try Rick's.
  12. well im not using any fps devouring addons, otherwise, i cant seem to find my pc specs. my sim settings are low.
  13. Hi! Try This: Run the pmdg ngx and 777 installers again. You already have them installed, so it should ask if you want to remove or repair. repair it, and try a full flight. Hopefully it'll work for you =)
  14. when i fly my airplanes,i have a mojor drop in fps. i did the renaming of default to defaultold but its still laggy. ay other easy/effective solutions? please help.
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