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  1. Yes I am using V Pilot Designs – MPTO Tocumen.
  2. The same Issue is now going on with Panama City MPTO - No Airport file found and no airport file is being generated...
  3. I am just surprised that for such a big airport - no one ever "complained" - however I appreciate your help!
  4. I did put the LTFM to Stock Airports file and now it seems to work at least?
  5. You mean I should tick the box AIG in the psxt ? How do I get it to work? Is there any manual or tool I am really surprised its the only airport not working at all. So in thirdparty airports I have a file called LTFM with the content:
  6. In the folder Thirdparty_Airports I can find a file called LTFM with plenty of ParkPositions. Yet I still get the error and no planes showing up..
  7. First of all thank you for this amazing tool! I am using FS2020 and I have the LTFM Freeware Airport which is quite great ! However PSX is not loading any traffic on ground at all. The planes disapear or appear on approach/takeoff. I manually added LTFM to airports_msfs.txt : <airport code="LTFM" iata="IST" lat="41.2696" lon="28.7299" alt="325" /> however it says LTFM(IST), no airport file found. How can I get this to work? Thank you!
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