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  1. T1mmy

    Doors will not open or close?

    I hadn't thought of that but know that i think about it, it makes a lot more sense. I had changed the weather right before i couldn't not function the doors properly but when i reloaded it with clear skies it appears to work fine. Thanks a bunch Regards Jack
  2. T1mmy

    Doors will not open or close?

    Yes i currently have the most updated version of pmdg software. i was just replying to your post when i loaded up fsx to take a screenshot of the problem but the issue seems to have resolved itself? cant explain what i did differently just loaded up the 777 and and went to a random airport in this case - (28 De Noviembre). , weird...
  3. T1mmy

    Doors will not open or close?

    Hi, First post but need some serious help with this issue. I recently bought the 777 and i was starting from a cold & dark state, APU on and running with my flight plan entered i went to the doors page to close and arm the doors. However i am presented with what was written in the first post in this topic of Armed, Armed, Open etc. down the left hand side of the FMC. It seems to just be displaying the status of the doors rather than options to do with them. Any ideas would be great. p.s I do not have GSX Regards Jack