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  1. DaveDewhurst

    If you need some fps at times

    This used to work, but since v2.0 I can no longer get the screen to switch off by clicking the screw. Can someone else on v2.0 test to make sure its not just me Dave
  2. I'm having an issue entering more than 3 offset waypoints in a row. after the third is entered the first waypoint in a route disappears. eg if I enter EGPH (Edinburgh) POL INH* an offset with the following properties (000deg/10nm) INH* an offset with the following properties (020deg/10nm) INH* an offset with the following properties (040deg/10nm) if I try and enter a fourth offset then EGPH will disappear followed by POL If I had entered a SID from EGPH then the waypoints of the SID would disappear one by one I read the AOM and it mentions naming the subsequent offsets with suffixes to differentiate them but doesn't go into how. I read (skimmed through) the Real FMS manual and it says name them as INH*1 or INH*A1 but the sim FMS wont accept that. Is this just a limitation or am I doing something wrong? I was initially trying to enter an arc hence the sequential INH offsets (Norwich Airport) although I've tried differing offset origins and the same happens Dave Dewhurst
  3. DaveDewhurst

    Odd object below plane (JS41)

    The reskin entry and files look ok. I don't have the HK government livery on although I found the .dds file in the main texture directory. What controls whether the extra bits are displayed? I only see one external model file so I assume it is set in a config file but cant see where. If I wanted to make it appear all the time on a livery, what would I have to do? Thanks again Dave
  4. DaveDewhurst

    Odd object below plane (JS41)

    Thanks, I will check the livery setup Dave
  5. Any idea what these black objects underneath the fuselage are? I've seen them a couple of times but cant replicate it intentionally. Sorry for the dark pics, the only time Ive had it happen was at night Thanks Dave
  6. DaveDewhurst

    An Apology to Alabeo

    I asked the question about the Yaw Damper on Alabeos facebook page before Christmas, with no reply. I have also submitted a ticket (this morning). In the meantime, I made (with some direction) an lua file which automatically turns off the Yaw Damper when the AP is disconnected when set to run as auto (profile specific) in fsuipc it just works. If anyone is interested I can post it somewhere Dave