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  1. Augustomachado15

    Timing Problem

    Good afternoon, I've noticed a few timing problems on the product. First thing you should now is that I fly with SOP 2 , and that I like to do the preflight on my own( I just use the FO to do the checklists). Everything is ok, untill I get to the Before Start Checklist. When I ask for this checklist, the Fo starts to do the Before start Procedure( Fuel pumps, and so on), so I just have to wait for him to get his flow done. Another problem is when I'm taking off. At this momment, the FO says 'V1' too late. He should say that at 'V1 - 5'. Thanks.
  2. Augustomachado15


    Well, thanks for the help guys. Waiting for the V1.1..
  3. Augustomachado15


    Hello guys, Everything is ok with the APU in the 'preflight', the problem is when I arrive at the gate after the landing.
  4. Augustomachado15


    Hello again, Just for the record, I've noticed that even when I briefed to use the APU at the gate, the FO still configures the plane to some sort of 'GPU operation' ( pack off, isolation valve open, apu bleed on). Besides that, I don´t think the FO is using the VSD or speaking the 'READY FOR SHUTDOWN' phrase. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  5. Augustomachado15


    Hello guys, First of all, I really apologize because I'm not very good about this forum stuff, and I'm still learning english, so I'm sorry for any grammar issue. Have you guys already updated the reboot version? I saw that Bryan updated the file on 25th july to solve that ASDE-X issue, and I bought the addon on 6th August and still have the problem (on SOP 2 at least). Is there something I coud do to solve this problem? Thanks.