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  1. Yeah, gates themselves come in fine. But I heard from Capain K-Man last night that the airline assignments do not (yet) come in the import. Also noticed this in the manual: "In the case of X-Plane, the data is read from the same apt.dat file that was used in the Taxiway/Runway import. These files do not contain airline assignments, so these will have to be done manually after import." So that answers that. Hopefully this is something that's coming in the future, but we can make do for now.
  2. I'm currently doing a trial of Pilot2ATC, and so far it's great. I've noticed, however, that it does not appear to be importing the assigned airline information for the gates. It does appear to be getting the routes and gate locations, names, and other data just fine - but the gate assignments appear to be ignored. I've double checked that the assignments are there in WED, so I'm not sure where I'm going wrong here. Is this something that is not imported, or am I missing something when doing the import process? EDIT: This is for XP, btw. EDIT 2: Found out this is not yet supported. Looking forward to it.
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