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  1. florismulock

    PMDG 747 will come to x plane aswell?

    well i know what iam saying iam using the Aerowinx 747 simulation which is the real deal, that is maded for pilot trainings! and i do own PMDG airplanes (747 v2 737 and 777), really like them. what do mean 5 procent maximum error, no the flight dynamics and performance is withing 5 procent of the performance charts! so its 95 procent off! Still PMDG does a great job, really hoping they make their own flying engine for the planes, its such a shame, so close to the real deal! (really impressive) but due to FSX they are limited in the flight engine plus FSX is buggy, it always crashes on me when i am flying (sometimes due to fsx some systems are not working correctly) (i am very happy when i can fly 2 hours straight). thats why X plane would be awsome for PMDG all the ploblems gone!!!!! iam really wondering why PMDG makes the plane within 5 procent. its a plane flying by the numbers! please PMDG we love your quality and graphics but maybe just maybe next time (just an suggestion) work less on the graphics so you can make the first 100 procent working and flight dynamic plane like aerowinx or majestic. That would be awsome!
  2. Hi all, i am really hoping that pmdg make the decision to make it for x plane aswell. cause right now the flight dynamics (5 procent of the actual airplane) is such a shame. all things are simulated but the flight dynamic isnit fully 100 procent of the real plane because of FSX . X plane could make that more possible. has anyone heard if pmdg will make this plane come to x plane aswell?
  3. florismulock

    FMC leg page speeds does not work

    The autopilot does not follow my leg speeds. it was a short trip (ehrd to eham). i had Vnaf en Lnaf on with autopilot and flight director. fmcspeed was on. strangely enough the plane didn't follow the leg page speeds. i never had this before. it always worked! but now it doesn't strangely enough. it only works (although it does not follow the speeds in the fmc) if i use the desc climb and cruz buttons on the fmc so i can adjust teh speeds there. The plane is fully updated.
  4. florismulock

    FMC Legs Page manual speed entry

    why cant i post anymore blogs (ony have 3) any way it is related to this supject so hope you dont mind. when i enter my route for instance ( ehrd to eham) the 737 and the 777 does not follow the speeds in the leg page. strange thing is that i didn't update a thing but never had this problem it always followed the speed (i have the fmc speed on so it shouldwork). now it only works (though it does not follow the speeds in the leg page) by adjusting the climb, cruz and desc by selecting these on the fmc (the desc etc buttons). could someone help me out? but airplanes are fully updated (737 was updated years ago have the latest update)