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  1. Hi, I've been wanting to ask this for a long time, but I just didn't bother till now, as I didn't consider it to be a problem at all (and still don't, because it isn't one), but curiosity finally prompted me to ask this. There seems to me to be a difference in the volume (loudness) of the flap sound (the sound of the flaps as they are being raised/lowered, NOT the flap lever sound) between the older TinMouse V 1.26 and the newer V 1.32, which I'm using. Specifically, in the newer V 1.32, the flap sound is not quite as loud as in the older V 1.26. And I've always been curious as to why the flap sound volume in the newer version has been lowered, compared to the older version. I am guessing the lower volume in the newer version more closely resembles what you'd hear in the real cockpit, compared to the louder volume in the older version, is that the case? Again, this is just a curiosity of mine, not a problem or an issue. Thank you!
  2. Hello, Does anyone know exactly how to counter crosswind during a CAT III autoland with the FS9 Wilco A320? The autopilot won't do anything with the rudder, and if I apply rudder manually while in autoland, the AP disengages from a certain degree of rudder deflection (it clearly says this in the manuals). Is the airplane limited to a certain (low) wind speed when performing a CAT III, so the pilot isn't required to apply too much rudder (so the AP won't disengage)? How is it done? Thank you!
  3. Emerald

    Air Scheffel Addons

    Hi all. I can't help but resurrect this topic. WingZ - I see from your screenshots that when you apply reverse thrust, you get a proper looking, reverse thrust effect, that is, the water is being pushed in front of the airplane, not behind it. Bu when I apply reverse thrust, with these effects applied, I still get the same effect that should pop up when applying forward thrust; the water is still being blown behind the airplane (as it would do when applying fwd thrust), despite the engine blowing it in front, in reverse. I'm 100% sure I've done everything correctly, so are you using some modified version of this effect, or is it an older one? Could you send me your copy, just to be sure? Because I just don't get this, your looks fine when in reverse (water is blown in front) while mine still blows the water behind the craft when in reverse. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello all, 1)I'm using Wilco A320 Evo in FS9. I've always thought TOGA gives you full power, but today, I noticed I only get about 92% of thrust at TOGA. If I use the FLEX detent and set the FLEX temperature to 1 in the MCDU, I get about 102.5% of thrust; all this during sky clear conditions. Why is it the thrust I get at TOGA is so much lower? Is it normal? Could there be any settings in the MCDU that affects this? 2) When I input a flight plan in the MCDU, If I select a cruise level, the departure airport listed on the FPL page of the MCDU gets replaced by this line: (DECEL) and then when I takeoff and engage NAV, the plane doesn't really stay on the right track. What exactly does this mean? 3) Is it possible to use the rudder during AP-controlled landings to counter crosswind? If I do it, the AP disengages. 4) It seems to me that the ALT managed mode doesn't always work. Sometimes the plane will climb to the assigned altitude in the MCDU and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it does respect the assigned speed/altitude limit (250kts/10000ft for instance) and sometimes it doesn't. Is there something I'm missing? Thank you very much!
  5. Hello, I haven't flown this bird for a while, and last time I did, I know I managed to activate NAV hold without any problems. I made my flight plan in the FMS, set the nav source to FMS, steered the plane towards an intercept heading so as to intercept the track, pressed "NAV" on the MCP and the plane nicely captured the track...now however, it seems no matter what I do, it just won't capture it, the FMU keeps saying "NOT ON INTERCEPT TRK". I checked everything I could think of, to no avail. Any ideas as to why is it doing this? I might be missing something but I feel this is so unlikely... Thanks in advance!
  6. Fair enough, thank you both!
  7. Hello, Does anybody know if the Wilco CRJ series for FS9 are capable of performing a CAT III autoland? And if so how is it done? In this review I read that there's some auto-land feature in the FMC, what would that be? Thank you!