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  1. Hi, I've been wanting to ask this for a long time, but I just didn't bother till now, as I didn't consider it to be a problem at all (and still don't, because it isn't one), but curiosity finally prompted me to ask this. There seems to me to be a difference in the volume (loudness) of the flap sound (the sound of the flaps as they are being raised/lowered, NOT the flap lever sound) between the older TinMouse V 1.26 and the newer V 1.32, which I'm using. Specifically, in the newer V 1.32, the flap sound is not quite as loud as in the older V 1.26. And I've always been curious as to why the flap sound volume in the newer version has been lowered, compared to the older version. I am guessing the lower volume in the newer version more closely resembles what you'd hear in the real cockpit, compared to the louder volume in the older version, is that the case? Again, this is just a curiosity of mine, not a problem or an issue. Thank you!
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