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  1. EdinM

    7700k, 1060, and P3D V3.4

    Hi everybody, When I switched to P3D V4 I was concerned that my GTX1060 6Gb would be too weak, but I am in fact getting great results and thus wanted to share my settings, hoping somebody can benefit from them, too. Hardware Specs are I7-7700k @4,6 ghz, 16GB DDR4 and Palit GTX 1060 6GB on Win10 64. I use a 4k TV at 30hz with VSync, framerate set unlimited in the sim. No NI or cfg tweaks used. Addons I use are PMDG747 and Majestic Dash8 with FS2Crew, ORBX Global, Europe and Vector, ASP4, FlyTampa airports (mainly), REX4 with soft clouds, UTL live, Precipit FX, ChasePlane and PTA with Matt's preset. I use max 3 cloud layers in ASP4, 90 miles distance, Rex cloud resolution 512. No secondary and tertiary roads in Vector. Settings are: 2xSSAA; Anisotropic x16; Text.Resolution=2048, Screen Resolution=2560x1440 LOD=high; Tesselation=high; Mesh 5m; Textures 7cm; Scenery complexity=very dense, draw distance=medium, vegetation=normal and buildings dense. Water detail is medium with only cloud reflections. Special effects both medium. HDR and dynamic reflections are off, I don´like them. Dynamic lights, landing illumination and lens flare are ticked. Shadow quality medium, draw distance high. Vegetation, terrain and particles not ticked. I limit all the 747's screens to 15 fps, unlimited gave me significant performance decrease. The only situation where I get a serious frame drop now to 15 fps is at UK2000´s Heathrow. In all other situations the sim looks beautiful and runs very smooth, e.g. at FlyTampa´s LOWW or JustSim´s EDDH with UTL at 70% traffic. Cheers, Ed
  2. EdinM

    Windows 10 compatibility

    Thanks a lot AnkH! Will try asap!
  3. EdinM

    Windows 10 compatibility

    I upgraded twice from Win7 to Win10 and tried to run FSX. I have a lot of add-ons from Aerosoft and PMDG etc. Downloaded latest NVIDIA drivers but everything became unstable, random crashes to desktop. So returned to WIN7. Might work with a clean install of all FSX software from scratch but for me it wasn' worth it.