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  1. jonnycash

    Prepar3D 2.2 Released!

    Thanks daz I've not noticed that myself. I guess I should have read properly a few people mentioned this properly I'll test this out myself on my lowly 570 So to clarify this can be at any time of day? Even midday?
  2. jonnycash

    Prepar3D 2.2 Released!

    I'm surprised that anyone's surprised about the shadows eating performance at dawn/dusk. Shadows are very demanding so it's surely obvious that at dawn/dusk shadows give a larger performance hit as the shadow drawn is much longer/larger due to the angle of the Sun compared to day shadows where the shadow is beneath the cloud. Id like to know you guys with your 780 titan cards how much this affects tour performance ie is it stuttering what are tour actual framerates and what is thé load on thé gpu? Is it still visually ok with shadows at dawn/dusk?
  3. jonnycash

    Prepar3D 2.2 Released!

    You Coukd try fibre time fraction at 0.15 And have a play with the ai traffic and road traffic. You have a 680 I have a 570 and on initial take off it's not so good but settles down shortly after and that's using orbx regions with an Airbus x
  4. jonnycash

    Prepar3D 2.2 Released!

    Hi all, I've been reading all your tips whilst I've been installing add-ons and testing extensively. First of all my system specs Motherboard Asus p9x79 pro Cpu I7-3820 (3.6ghz) qaud core. Overclocked to 4.4ghz Memory 16gb ddr3 Gpu evga gtx 570 2560mb (no overclocking) I'm using a 1680x1050 single monitor for my tests. Add-ons:- rex4 texture direct Red essential plus overdrive(for weather only) Orbx global, vector and England plus all freeware airports. Pilots fs global ultimate Fsuipc Airbus x extended I have more but they aren't important to this. So I setup a flight from egss (stanstead) to lipz (Venice) Using my Airbus x extended (very demanding aircraft) Using real world weather Global central set to Europe and vector lights off. I've also only allowed vector traffic on highways. My settings were as follows:- no nvidia inspector profile Graphics Fxaa _ off Msaa _ 2 samples Anisotropic _ 4x Texture resolution _ medium 1024 Vsync on Triple bufferring on Frame rate 33 Wide view _ unchecked(else I can't read my cockpit) Mipmap checked Scenery: Everything to the right except Mesh at 5m Autogen veg and building normal Water medium (with default reflection) Land detail checked Lighting is all at default Weather 80mi Unchecked volumetric fog (conflicts with red if using real visibility) Detailed clouds Coverage maximum Rate of change none Traffic Airline 16% Ga 16% Airport minimum Land and sea traffic all at 5% Trust me I've played with these settings until I've gone mad! So I found these settings work best for my system in terms of frame rates, stuttering(which is still present but minimally) and appearance which I will also jump on the bandwagon and thank LM for the most immersive flight sim I've used. But what I really wanted to share was the next two things. I found setting the cloud shadows above and I need to test exactly when but let's say above 15000ft there was no change in my frame rates even when landing. Setting this to 10000m or 30000m made no difference. It also did not increase vas. The other thing which I found most surprising was that when selecting from the menu bar during/near the end of my 10 test flights, world / map and scrolling around and checking for the airport ils frequency then returning to flight my vas would increase by 300mb. This may not sound like much but I found that this pushes my vas high enough to give an oom. When I start my flight at egss. My vas is 3gb When I end the flight at lipz my vas is 3.6gb So you see using the built in map causes me to go to 3.9gb which is basically why I was getting crashes. I also belive the more I checked the map the more my vas increased... I know your probably all wondering why my vas is so high to start with but I believe it's due to the add-ons as when I start with the default flight my vas is 2.4gb I would love to know If anyone else has noticed this? Also I flip between virtual cockpit and outside locked spot views. I did notice that when turning on cloud shadows only the virtual cockpit view has a drop in frame rates and it drops a lot from 30 to 13 but outside view nothing. At lower flight levels my gpu load increase to 90% but is stable at high altitude at 50-60% Please note in all cases England was overcast with showers and thunderstorms in Venice. My frame rate starts off at around 20fps Steadys to 30_33fps at high altitude and stays that way. Two major things which I have forgot to mention have helped achieve this was the following config changes infinity mask at 15 (my hyperthreading is off) Fibre time fraction at 0.15 Without these I was getting blurring like you wouldnt believe. I'm no expert and don't claim to be but I hope this helps. Please also note everyone's system is different. I'd like to thank Word Not Allowed and Rob as I've been reading there posts and taking tips from then which have been a great help. My setup is not the best but I have finally reached settings that work well with my add-ons and can finally fly the Airbus in heavy weather with photorealistic scenery. It's not perfect but it is a beautiful sight to see. Not sure if I've wasted some money here but I just bought another identical gpu in the anticipation of sli support in 2.3. Anyway try the map and cloud shadows thing and let me know your findings. Good luck.