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  1. Sha Sim

    Really irritated with FSD Seneca V

    Thanks mad dog. Flight1's VC rain fix tool worked. Meanwhile the guys from technical support of FSD never replied again. Last thing they said is that the problem was my FSX and I should reinstall it. But as I see it the problem was their VC rain fix tool that was unable to find my FSX folders. I am really disapointed with Flight Sim Developers support. I think their product should be able to work fine since the very first time instead of keeping the costumer seeking for solutions everywhere.
  2. Sha Sim

    Really irritated with FSD Seneca V

    Well thank you guys, you make me fell like I bought a piece of FS ancient history. About the 2D cockpit black panel, FSD guys solve it for me, it was a problem with the "Load manager" and they have sent me an update to fix it, but now I'm facing with solid blue color windows on the VC when it rains. And their VC rain Fix is not working on my PC. Seems that they made it on 2002 and remains intact, now they sell it to be used on FSX, the truth is I'm not very happy with it, many problems and not as good in resolution as their competitors. In real life is an amazing plane, on FSX not so much BTW I'm happy to resurect this post :good:
  3. Sha Sim

    Really irritated with FSD Seneca V

    Hi, very usefull information on this post about the Seneca V FSD ( Even though I'm not very impressed, I have to say Carenado does it better on their products unfortunately they dont have Seneca V model ) But I can say that overall this one of FSD works fine, except by the little ( colosal ) problem that I cant see anything but a black panel on 2D cockpit view, can you help me with that? Best regards