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  1. cweiss

    Fix list after SP1

    I will keep the condition lever to ground idle. Usually it is between ground idle and shut-down - because I was trying to see if that had anything to do with the creeping. I've gone back to looking at my throttle setup. I won't post for help here on this, but thank you for the help.
  2. cweiss

    Fix list after SP1

    Yes, creeping at start up. I do start from cold/dark. I will re-check my start up normal procedures and the over-torque I am experiencing. Thank you autogyro.
  3. cweiss

    Fix list after SP1

    Parking Brake Creeping Was this issue fixed/resolved? I've searched the forums and found it mentioned on a list of bugs with no fix mentioned. I do not have a problem with other turbo props, i.e., Carenado?PMDG B190 or the stock Beech KingAir. My levers are in the proper position. I should not be moving. I did alter the CFG file giving "Parking Brake" a value of 2.0 (changed from 1.0). I got a warning with parking brake on, "Ground Restraint. . ." And my aircraft was still creeping. I will leave the adjusting of CFG files to the experts in this forum. Chris
  4. Yes, when I mouse over the throttle in the virtual cockpit it reads. My system for working through this problem did not include testing a stock Microsoft aircraft. In fact, this 25% throttle problem is present with stock aircraft. I am sorry for the post. I believed I had gone through my problem solving checklist. Plus I became curious why no one else had posted a similar problem. Thanks again for the help. Chris
  5. FSX PC12 Throttle stuck at 25%. Does the PC12 Overhaul Mod V1.0, Engine Ng start up indication improved (fuel introduction at >13%, low idle lowered to ~60%) fix this issue? When I pull the throttle levers to 0% the PC12 throttles indicates 25%. I have re-calibrated my throttle quadrants, they work fine in other Carenado aircraft. If I use F1 to bring the throttle back to 0% it only last a few secs before jumping back. There are other problems because of the high idle rate but I believe this gives you the nuts/bolts of the issue. I have searched this issue on google and it brings me back to this forum. 2nd Question. If I install the PC12 Overhaul Mod will it overwrite my panel config? I have the RxP installed. This forum has been a great help with other issues and the re-paints are excellent, i.e.SurfAir.