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  1. eisenapferd

    Kodiak keyboard support

    Hi there, i think about purchasing the kodiak but I want to integrate it in my homecockpit. Is it possible to use all the funktions only with keyboard? Or is it possible to use the funktions with FSUIPC Mouse Macros? Or with linda? Thanks... cheers /Hendrik/
  2. eisenapferd

    DA Cheyenne Modul

    Hi Folks, here comes my thread with the Digital-Aviation-Cheyenne module for LINDA. It is very early WIP, but the main features I need for my hardware overhead are funktional. DA Cheyenne Module features vor now: Overhead switches funktional with every position of the switches (no toggle funktion) Weather radar knobs and switches funktional with every position. A increase / decrease funktion will come when I found out how to do it. The push buttons dont work for now. Nav-Switches (avionics main, DME source) just below the WXR Download: http://www.papiris.de/sim/linda/linda_modul_cheyenne.zip Release notes: very early ver. 0.2Installation notes: Download and unzip it and place the folder into: */Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Modules Say "yes" if he'd like to overwrite anything I hope somebody will like to use it. And I hope there are no too big faults... cheers /Hendrik/
  3. eisenapferd

    DA Cheyenne module WIP

    Hi Andrew, thanks for your help. There are a fiew questions left: I want to share my modules-lua script (and the two other files in this folder). Where should I upload this files? It is not allowed to start a new topic in the download section. Is it? I dont know how to upload a file here in the forum. I can not upload something in "my media". I there a possebility to search only this sub-forum? The search function here in the forum seems not to be helpful (selecting the subforum from a to small field and the subforums are not in a specific order) /Hendrik/
  4. eisenapferd

    DA Cheyenne module WIP

    Hello Linda guys, I am new in this forum and just tried to find out how to build the functions within the DA Piper Cheyenne because I want to build a hardware panel and the most clickspots in the overhead panel are toggel switches. So I tried to find some easy information how to build a module for LINDA. But I failed with my search. And the next problem is the bad search possebilitys here in the forum. So I just tried to program a bit with looking in the existing modules. Is this the right place to post some files when they are note ready yet? I have just put in the nessecary functions for the overhead, but I could continue it if I could get some further information. In my opinion it seems to be not too complicated but in the other modules there are many functions I dont understand. I only used the "ipc.writeLvar" command an copyed the functions from the logfile. I wonder if there would be a chance to get a "script wizard" wich could add the functions trom the "LINDA goes huntig" page, just like FSUIPC macro collecting. Next problem: I have to find out how to upload a file... Please help me to go further... /Hendrik/
  5. eisenapferd

    DA PA31 Cheyenne / Assigning Buttons via Linda

    No, I had to make a new entry and so the cheyenne has no function entrys. I just made a module file (without any docs) and it seems to work. see other thread in dev.-forum. /Hendrik/
  6. eisenapferd

    DA PA31 Cheyenne / Assigning Buttons via Linda

    Hi there, I just found a problem in the Linda GUI. The Cheyenne funktions are not listed in the joystick-assignment page. In the Trace-page I was able to test the functions. Do I have to type in the functions manualy in the editor? The manual does not help in this case. Any idea?
  7. eisenapferd

    DA PA31 Cheyenne / Assigning Buttons via Linda

    Hi Karsten, any succsess? Is your project still alive? I just figured out wich variables are needed to start the engines and switch generator on. The avionics also. (in Linda GUI tool) I want to build the overhead with hardware switches. Now I have to find out how to assign a keypress to the lua variable. /Hendrik/ ps thanks Guenseli for your short discription...