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  1. Hi everybody, I am pretty new to flying the big ones and have just started with the 747. I have followed the tutorial and it went relatively well. Unfortunately I have a problem, when it comes close to landing in San Francisco. Page 81 tells me, that the localizer mode should activate and capture just before Dumba and that I shall press APP. But how do I see, that the localiser mode has activated. This is my first question. Second one: At that time my PFD should read SPD LOC G/S. Mine reads SPD LOC Vnav Pth in green and a white G/S below the Vnav Pth. I have tried it three times and the same happened each time. Can you help me please. Thanks very much Karsten
  2. Hi again, In the meantime everything has been set up and is working perfectly - including Linda. I am just extremely happy about moving away from FSX to Prepar3D. Finally the days of CtDs are over. Karsten
  3. Hi Scot and Michael, The problem appeared no matter, if I first closed Linda, or first Prepar3D v3 (both manually) . But in the meantime I have found out the following: I can use Linda with the files I downloaded for A2A C172 and Twinotter Extended. Everything is working fine, Hotas and Saitek can be programmed easily and the programmed functions can be used once I hit the "save"-button. On the other hand, nothing happens, when I try the files which I downloaded for DA Piper Cheyenne and Duke B60. The lua-programming looks perfectly correct to me, but there is no possibility to get a connection to a single button of both planes. But.. and now we are back with our problem... when all 4 files are included in the aircraft directories of Linda, then I get the error message upon closing Linda. If I delete the two ones, which are not working anyway, than Linda closes without a problem and without an error message. Karsten
  4. I have the same problem in 2.6.4
  5. Hi again, Thanks for this first answer. I have seen, that there is a file for the Turbine Duke in the download section. Does anybody know, if I can modify this file to work with the Duke B60 V2? Karsten
  6. Hi everybody, I have been using FSX for a long time and really learned to appreciate Linda's functions. I have now switched to Prepar3D which is much more stable, than FSX. Everything has been set up and works very nicely. Linda has also been installed and is working well with my A2A C172. Today I started to programme my Duke B60 V2 and this did not work so well. After looking more into Linda I saw, that no matter which plane was using, it always showed the Carenado Bonanza as active plane. Therefore I am not really sure any more, if the A2A really worked with Linda, or if it was pure luck. Does anybody have some experience yet in working with Linda and Prepar3D v3? Thank you for your help. Karsten
  7. FSX-MS

    Thanks for the help,Paul. The App is now working and it is a great experience. Karsten
  8. FSX-MS

    Paul, I discovered your App via FSX Times and since the A2A C172 is my favorite plane, I wanted to try it out. So I downloaded the files and started the installment. But when it comes to the " Listen"-part I get the following error: Microsoft.Net Framework Unhandled exception has occured in your application No recognizer of the required ID found. Parameter name: culture Can you help? Karsten
  9. product news

    Hello Günter, I hope that you had a nice holiday. In the meantime I have opened a thread in the support forum but so far no views and no replies. If you could help me just with the syntax than I would probably be able to write all other functions which I need myself. Regards Karsten
  10. Hello, I have a very similar problem with my system. I had been using plain CH Flight Sim yoke and pedals without Linda and currently Hotas Warthog in connection with Linda. The same thing is happening for a a couple of weeks: I am flying, everything is fine and whoops, no more responses from the controls. In my sytems devices and printers overview I can see both Hotas devices and both are working, but I have to restart FSX to use them again. I am not sure but it could coincide with updating to windows 8.1 (64) Karsten
  11. Good afternoon, I am currently trying to assign certain buttons of the DA Piper Cheyenne either to a joystick/pad (regular and/or Hotas Warthog) or to my Saitek Switch Panel. What works well for most other FSX planes seems to be a problem with my favorite one. At least partly: For example: Battery Master Switch: No problems Avionics Master Switch: No Chance I have used Linda and FSUIPC logs to find out what is happening: "Toggle_Avionics_Master" is the syntax which seems to be a standard FSX control jus as - Toggle_Alternator1 resp. 2 - Toggle_elect_fuel_pump1 resp. 2 which I would like to assign to start the engines without using the mouse and the Head panel. Unfortunately when I use Linda (which seems to be a great product) and assign "Avionics Master toggle" from the default FSX Systems Lib I get the same logs but nothing happens with the switch in the panel. Avionics just stays dark. I have noticed that while using the Linda Tracer I can find various PA31 Lua variables, including - PA31MasterAvionics - PA31FuelPumpL I have isolated the first one in the logs and could see that the status changed from 0 to 1 when I used the switch. This means that there has to be some link between "Toggle_Avionics_Master" and "PA31MasterAvionics". Therefore I have tried for hours and hours to define a function via the Linda Editor - and failed. I have done some programming before in my life and know how to use "IFs", "else" and "end" but I cannot find the correct syntax to achieve my goal. Is there anybody out there who can please help me. Thank you! Karsten
  12. product news

    Hi there, I have just discovered Linda and it looks to be a great product. Unfortunately it seems that I am not clever enough to understand it. I have the Saitek Switch Panel and a Digital Aviation Piper Cheyenne. Now I would like to assign the Avionics Master Switch of the Cheyenne to the Avionics Master Button of the Panel. Since it is not an FSX command I had to go via the Tracer and did find the correct variable. And that was all. I can assign another FSX-command via the Linda Editor but never made it to assigning the Cheyenne-command (PA31MasterAvionics). I have read so much about Linda and Lua today that I really do not know how to continue. Anybody, who can help me? Thanks a lot Karsten