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  1. P3Dv4.1 Compatibility

    Ok, after deactivating the Multi and the Radio Panel it works better now. It is not at 100 pct, but I will keep trying to improve. Thanks a lot for your help.
  2. P3Dv4.1 Compatibility

    Hi Andrew, I am using Linda 3.04.728 and FSUIPC 5.122. Linda starts without any problems, directly finds my plane and circles it in orange. On the P3D page it says Linda ready to go. The aircraft specific assignments are all in black. So the connection between Linda and P3D seems to work. But when it comes to actually sending buttons nothing at all happens. The device (e.g. Saitek switch panel) behaves as if Linda would not be there at all. As I said, when I hit the beacon button then the beacon turns on. When I programme the beacon button with another assignment, then the beacon still turns on. Whatever assignment I am using, nothing happens, does not matter, if it is airplane specific or plain fsx assignments.
  3. P3Dv4.1 Compatibility

    Hi Everybody, I have just installed the latest versions of P3D v4, Linda, FSUIPC and Saitek Drivers. The simulation is running very well, except for Linda. When I start Linda, it connects to P3D and chooses the correct aircraft. With an older version I have created or downloaded aircraft cfg files for A2A 172, 182, Real Air and some others. The input devices (joystick, switch panel etc) are recognised by Linda, and the standard input of the devices is transferred correctly to P3D. Unfortunately everything what I have assigned via Linda from my aircarft config files is not ending up in P3D. For example the beacon is turned on, if I use the corresponding button from the switch panel. But when I programme the NAV light function (either A2A or FSX) to the beacon button, then it still turns on the beacon and not the Nav light. What can I do to get the functions working, which I programme via Linda? Kind regards, Karsten
  4. Linda 3.04 Saitek Multi Panel Buttons Blinking

    Thanks a lot for your patience and your help, Andrew. Now I got it. I used to have a very old version of Linda and guess that some things worked differently. Kind regards, Karsten
  5. Linda 3.04 Saitek Multi Panel Buttons Blinking

    It is the switch panel and the multi panel. I have tried to disable them, but that does not help. It seems that Linda does not react at all to any buttons.
  6. Linda 3.04 Saitek Multi Panel Buttons Blinking

    If I look at the "Joysticks" section of Linda, then I should see the buttons, which I am hitting being highlighted. But nothing happens. I can use whatever button and nothing happens at Linda.
  7. Linda 3.04 Saitek Multi Panel Buttons Blinking

    Hi again, it is not the whole panel which is blinking, it is one light at a time and then the next one. But it surely does not stop, when I operate any switch.
  8. Linda 3.04 Saitek Multi Panel Buttons Blinking

    Hi Andrew, Thank you for your quick response. May I ask, when the blinking will stop? I have hit all switches, but the panels keep blinking. I am using the latest FSUIPC version. Karsten
  9. Hi everybody, I am using Linda 3.04 together with Prepar3D v. 4. The problem is that my switch panel and my multi panel start blinking, once Linda has been loaded. At the switch panel the light for Gear Down blink and at the multi panel one button after the other. Does anybody have an idea? Kind regards, Karsten
  10. Hi everybody, I am pretty new to flying the big ones and have just started with the 747. I have followed the tutorial and it went relatively well. Unfortunately I have a problem, when it comes close to landing in San Francisco. Page 81 tells me, that the localizer mode should activate and capture just before Dumba and that I shall press APP. But how do I see, that the localiser mode has activated. This is my first question. Second one: At that time my PFD should read SPD LOC G/S. Mine reads SPD LOC Vnav Pth in green and a white G/S below the Vnav Pth. I have tried it three times and the same happened each time. Can you help me please. Thanks very much Karsten
  11. Linda and Prepar3D v3

    Hi again, In the meantime everything has been set up and is working perfectly - including Linda. I am just extremely happy about moving away from FSX to Prepar3D. Finally the days of CtDs are over. Karsten
  12. Error "Access Violation" on closing LINDA

    Hi Scot and Michael, The problem appeared no matter, if I first closed Linda, or first Prepar3D v3 (both manually) . But in the meantime I have found out the following: I can use Linda with the files I downloaded for A2A C172 and Twinotter Extended. Everything is working fine, Hotas and Saitek can be programmed easily and the programmed functions can be used once I hit the "save"-button. On the other hand, nothing happens, when I try the files which I downloaded for DA Piper Cheyenne and Duke B60. The lua-programming looks perfectly correct to me, but there is no possibility to get a connection to a single button of both planes. But.. and now we are back with our problem... when all 4 files are included in the aircraft directories of Linda, then I get the error message upon closing Linda. If I delete the two ones, which are not working anyway, than Linda closes without a problem and without an error message. Karsten
  13. Error "Access Violation" on closing LINDA

    I have the same problem in 2.6.4
  14. Linda and Prepar3D v3

    Hi again, Thanks for this first answer. I have seen, that there is a file for the Turbine Duke in the download section. Does anybody know, if I can modify this file to work with the Duke B60 V2? Karsten
  15. Linda and Prepar3D v3

    Hi everybody, I have been using FSX for a long time and really learned to appreciate Linda's functions. I have now switched to Prepar3D which is much more stable, than FSX. Everything has been set up and works very nicely. Linda has also been installed and is working well with my A2A C172. Today I started to programme my Duke B60 V2 and this did not work so well. After looking more into Linda I saw, that no matter which plane was using, it always showed the Carenado Bonanza as active plane. Therefore I am not really sure any more, if the A2A really worked with Linda, or if it was pure luck. Does anybody have some experience yet in working with Linda and Prepar3D v3? Thank you for your help. Karsten