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  1. vumi101

    Double clicking FMC in 2D Mode causing CTD P3DV4

    Thanks will see how it performs this weekend. @downscc thanks I'll try that as well.
  2. vumi101

    Double clicking FMC in 2D Mode causing CTD P3DV4

    Its on the FMC 2D panel. It's not any particular button. I tried it twice yes, just to confirm this was the issue. Happens every time.
  3. Hi there guys. Discovered a bit of an issue with latest NGX version. I managed to replicate this issue twice. When you double click on the FMC 2D panel it causes the sim (P3DV4) to freeze up and hang, resulting in a crash. As far as my research shows I have found no other post about this. No error message or log is created either. My Specs: i7 6770K, GTX 970, P3DV4, PMDG NGX 737, ASP4, Aivlasoft EFB, REX Soft Clouds, Orbx Global, Fly Tampa Schipol. Cheers, Voumani Madonko
  4. Hey guys great work on the liveries. Just a note on SAL (ZS-SAV) the flag next to reg was changed to the new South African flag in 1996 seeing as the livery is from 1997 this could be change when you pudate the livery. Also would be great to see the new South African Airways livery from you guys! Cheers! Voumani Madonko
  5. vumi101

    P3D v4 Blurry Panels

    Yeah been having the same issue. What i did is disabled "Mipmap VC Cockpit" and FXXA and pushed up AA to x4 on both. The problem is sorted, might open a ticket with PMDG for this.
  6. vumi101

    Split Contrails

    Will try it thanks
  7. vumi101

    Split Contrails

    style="margin: 7px 7px 6px 6px">
  8. Hi there been enjoying your product for while, however i have been getting random incidents were the contrails split up vertically some going up and some going down. Havent been able to find any help on the forum.