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  1. So soon? Damn. I hope the purchase that's still "up in the air" isn't going to mean trouble for Stonelance and the work he's done to support the game.
  2. Arma comes to mind. Take On Helicopters, too, which has the same engine essentially, with the addition of rotorlib. You can also exit your plane in Flight, but there's not much to do outside and the ground textures are not quite up to the first-person experience. I'd wanted a helicopter also in Flight if only so I could recreate the Jurassic Park landing scene.
  3. Aeliusg

    "Microsoft Sells License to FS Franchise" Part 2

    Well, if they can afford million-dollar confetti, maybe they can do something. lol.
  4. Aeliusg

    "Microsoft Sells License to FS Franchise" Part 2

    You're a funny one shivers. Those poor kids. :biggrin:
  5. I hope they pick up where they left off. Flight was and still is in a good state. For those who would rather have more control of their simulation, there is P3D, as befits its license.
  6. Here's hoping Seltz and others on the team find new homes if they haven't already. They did good work.
  7. Aeliusg

    FSX is absolutely awful

    It's just outdated. Not bad software for its time. Very good, in fact, but unfit for the modern age in terms of performance cost to return. Without any real alternatives however, one can only deal. We're unlikely to see any worthy successor any time soon outside of incremental developments like P3D and XP10 (and the increments keep getting smaller).
  8. Thanks so much. I've been Flying for the past two days and it's absolutely beautiful. The best VFR experience I've had in a simulator out of the modern P3Dv2 and XP-10 and Aerofly fs. Amazing! If only MS and the community could have met halfway, we could all be having a true, next-gen Microsoft Flight [simulator] experience right now. I think in Flight the engine finally achieved a balance between auto-gen, textural detail, shader effects and performance that creates a convincing visual experience of flight. I could imagine creating an open-air cockpit simulator with ultra high FOV and fans that would be totally immersive even without g-forces. If only, if only. So I must thank you for doing what you can to keep this software alive. It's truly a waste for it to have gone like this.
  9. Yeah, I looked through the archives, and I suppose it's all up to Stonelance now. Swell guy.
  10. Will there be an official or unofficial update to Flight that will let us play with an offline account or do away with Live completely? I'd hate to see all the content that's already been created for this game disappear into oblivion because of some corporate budgeting decision.
  11. Aeliusg

    Can I still get into Flight?

    That is useful, thanks.
  12. Aeliusg

    Can I still get into Flight?

    I downloaded it actually! But there's no way for me to get the Alaska DLC now. If any of you decide to move on from Flight permanently, please message me! I'd be willing to give you some value for your Live account.
  13. I had downloaded this a while ago and made an account; now, I have a new computer and the old installation is gone, and Games for Windows Live has apparently died, but I'm yearning to go find some Aerocaches. Is there no way? Must it be so close yet so far from my grasp?