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  1. ljdramone


    Another vote for skyvector.com. I'm working on a Cuba scenery package for X-Plane, and Skyvector's been a great help for airport info/Google images. Skyvector has a WAC chart covering Cuba and the Florida Strait that shows a bunch of pre-revolutionary Cuban airports. Many of them aren't in apt.dat, but Google Earth shows some are still active, probably mainly for cropdusting (aircraft visible in Google images are almost all Antonov An-2s.) Too bad Skyvector doesn't provide any way to export flight plan info in .fms format, but their charts are still a tremendous resource for world navigation and VFR pilotage. I don't know of any other online source for maps of Skyvector's quality, and you can't easily buy paper maps for VFR flying outside the US. Sporty's Pilot Shop used to sell ONCs (Operational Navigational Charts), but I don't think ONCs are authorized for distribution to civilian users these days.