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  1. goincd3

    Which No. Calif. Airports Do You Request?

    WOW. MRY looks amazing. I did my IFR training out of Monterey Bay Aviation. Spot on in the screenshots. Day one buy.
  2. goincd3

    Which No. Calif. Airports Do You Request?

    Oh man...KMRY, KCVH (Hollister, my home airport ), KHAF, KLVK....the list goes on!
  3. Madcatz/Saitek never responded to my service ticket. Just closed the ticket a week later due to "inactivity" I returned my TPM to amazon and got a replacement, now everything works fine.
  4. Hi all, I reinstalled FSX this weekend and finally got everything set up last night. I have the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, throttle quadrant, and TPM. On my old install, I had everything set up just fine after changing the sensitivities and null zones; on this install though, I am having some issues with getting the TPM set up. At first it was the mixture; it would jump around in the sim when I moved the plunger, not allowing me to go full rich without it twitching slightly. I managed to get that under control somehow but now the throttle is the problem. I can push the throttle in almost all the way, but with about a half an inch left, the ingame throttle jumps from about 75 percent to 100 percent with no in between. I have tried everything I could think of, including using both a registered FSUIPC version and FSX's settings to no avail. I even downloaded the drivers for the TPM to see if that would rectify the problem. At this point I have ran out of ideas so I figured I would ask here. Thanks for reading!