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  1. leebros

    Engine failure

    Million thanks to you Chris, my life saver. You spot it right!!! I had an axis for fuel mixture, unassigning it magically solved the issue.
  2. leebros

    Engine failure

    I do. Saitek yoke & throttle quadrant, and Logitech 3D Pro for rudder. All have been calibrated with FSUIPC. I loaded the sim and the aircraft freshly for a walk on the ground to make a test and the issue happened, please see it in this screencast (at 2:30)
  3. leebros

    Engine failure

    I have had thousands of flying hours with PMDG 737NGX and never saw this kind of issue happening before. I am sure that I din't have any problem with fuel as I always have at least 1 ton of fuel remaining. Failures are not activated in FMC, service based failures either. Weather engine is ASN. It shows "Engine Fail" on both engines. Thanks. Strange, it now even happens on ground after the aircraft loaded.
  4. leebros

    Engine failure

    Hi all, After updating to SP1D, both engines keep failing for me at approaches. I've done 2 flights and it happened in both. Everything is going on ok, the aircraft is descending downwind the runway, then suddenly both engines stop working, I quickly turn starters to CONT to make them start back up and it works, start APU as well. However after 1 minute or 2 it will be down again and again until it hits the ground. I'm clueless, never seen anything odd like this before, I kept monitoring AP and saw nothing wrong to make the issue occur. Anyone else seeing the same?
  5. leebros

    2D Popup Issue

    Hi Kyle, thank you for sharing the experience, it noted it down. It's right that fsx won't save any adjusted configurations if it crashed or quit improperly. Good day!
  6. leebros

    2D Popup Issue

    I figured out that transparent setting was set to 100% in my FSX setting panel. Changed it to 0 and all good now.
  7. leebros

    2D Popup Issue

    Hi all, I'm having a problem with displaying 2D popup gauges. It worked for me before, the issue only happens after I reinstalled FSX and the aircraft pack (772). Anyone know what causes the issue and how to fix it? Please watch the screencast below for details. Thanks, Don
  8. Just had the same issue, I have no idea why it crashes like that but luckily I found a simple solution myself to fix it, just wanted to share it to you guys. Go to C:/Users/YOURNAME/AppData/Roaming/Hifi/ASNFSX then delete everything in that folder. Open ASN and enjoy :-) Don
  9. leebros

    747X HDG SEL Problem

    I'm having exactly the same problem. HDG SEL does not always work. I usually fly my PMDG 744 with LNAV engaged and it works perfectly until approaching, the Vatsim ATC asks me to make a turn so I have to disengage LNAV by pressing HDG Hold button so that the plane won't follow the set nav, and then I twist heading knob to change to the expected heading, and push SEL, but the plane will not turn, it will stay my present heading. So I have to disengage AP to turn the aircraft myself manually. The HDG SEL used to work correctly for me before and just sometimes I'm able to get it work by turning AP off/on. Is this a bug or just my settings? A solution is highly appreciated. Cheers. Don Lee.