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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, VATSIM India vACC is back with the biggest and the most awaited event of the year- ‘Light Up India’ to celebrate its 8 years of existence (VATIND – 2007 to 2011 and India vACC – 2012 to present). The FULL INDIAN AIRSPACE will be staffed by our team of Air Traffic Controllers for over 5 hours( 1430Z TO 1930Z) on August 1st, 2015 to celebrate the occasion. All the major Indian airports like Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai, Indira Gandhi International Airport of New Delhi, Chennai International Airport serving the city of Chennai and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport of Kolkata will be staffed from top to bottom throughout the event. Also, we are excited to announce that a competition will take place in which the top three winners will be awarded gift cards worth 50$ and 25$, donated by one of our partners- FS PILOT SHOP. The rules of the contest is given below: ****** **LIGHT UP INDIA CONTEST RULES************** 1. Any VATSIM member is elgible to participate in the contest. 2. All flights must be conducted within the event timings. However, if a pilot departs within the event time and lands after the event timings, he will be awarded the prescribed point of the city pair. 4. All flights for Contest Points must be flown at 1x simulation rate. No time acceleration is permitted. 5. The departure and arrival airport for a participant has to be one of the event city pairs listed below. 6. The pilot who can collect the most number of points by flying the Contest City Pairs will win the first prize, a 50$ gift card donated by our partner- FS PILOT SHOP. 7. The second prize (25$ gift card donated by FS PILOT SHOP)will be awarded to the pilot who has collected the second most number of points. 8. The third prize will be awarded to a random pilot who flies in the event. 9. It is mandatory for a participant to use a single callsign for flying multiple legs in the event. 10. The winners will be informed through their registered email address by a week after the event. The prizes have to be claimed by two weeks or they will be reassigned to another winner. ***********EVENT AIRPORTS********************* 1. Delhi FIR a. VIDP b. VISR 2. Mumbai FIR a. VABB b. VAAH |3. Kolkata FIR a. VECC b. VEGT 4. Chennai FIR a. VOMM b. VOTV ********CITY PAIR OPTIONS WITH POINTS************* (0.5 points) VABB-VAAH 250NM VAAH-VABB 250NM (1 point) VIDP-VISR 400NM VISR-VIDP 400NM VECC-VEGT 310NM VEGT-VECC 310NM VOMM-VOTV 330NM VOTV-VOMM 330NM (1.5 point) VIDP-VAAH 480NM VAAH-VIDP 480NM (2 point) VABB-VOMM 600NM VOMM-VABB 600NM (2.5 point) VIDP-VABB 670NM VABB-VOTV 690NM VABB-VIDP 690NM VOTV-VABB 690NM (3 point) VIDP-VECC 720NM VECC-VOMM 760NM VECC-VIDP 720NM VOMM-VECC 760NM VOMM-VAAH 800NM VAAH-VOMM 800NM (3.5 point) VIDP-VEGT 840NM VISR-VAAH 810NM VAAH-VECC 890NM VAAH-VISR 810NM VECC-VAAH 890NM VEGT-VIDP 840NM (4 point) VIDP-VOMM 980NM VABB-VECC 910NM VAAH-VOTV 950NM VECC-VABB 910NM VOMM-VIDP 980NM VOTV-VAAH 950NM VISR-VABB 1000NM (4.5 point) VISR-VECC 1070NM VABB-VISR 1030NM VAAH-VEGT 1100NM VECC-VOTV 1090NM VECC-VISR 1070NM VEGT-VAAH 1100NM VEGT-VOMM 1070NM VOMM-VEGT 1070NM VOTV-VECC 1090NM (5 point) VIDP-VOTV 1270NM VISR-VEGT 1220NM VABB-VEGT 1220NM VEGT-VABB 1220NM VEGT-VISR 1220NM VOTV-VIDP 1270NM (5.5 point) VISR-VOMM 1360NM VEGT-VOTV 1400NM VOMM-VISR 1360NM VOTV-VEGT 1400NM (6 point) VISR-VOTV 1650NM VOTV-VISR 1650NM If you wish to participate in the competition, please register here: IT IS COMPULSORY TO REGISTER IF YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CONTEST. Please note: Random pilot selection for the third prize will also take place from the ones who have registered. Pilots who do not want to participate in the contest are more than welcome to fly in India's biggest event! Date: 1st August, 2015 Time: 1430Z to 1930Z If you are a VATSIM Air Traffic Controller but do not belong to VATSIM India vACC resident roster and wish to control in this MEGA Event, please contact the VATSIM India vACC training department on . If you are a VATSIM India vACC controller, please e-mail the training department or stay tuned in the official VATSIM India vACC controller channel(s). FULL ATC COVERAGE OVER INDIAN AIRSPACE!! Charts and sceneries: Banner credits: Rahul Tuli JAI HIND! Events Planning Team, VATSIM India vACC
  2. Hey all, I have a very very irritating and frustrating problem! It has been the 5th time since my FSUIPC has disappeared from fsx in-flight. I am using Wins8 and its very crucial for me to have fsuipc as Windows 8 users have the joystick problem! FSUIPC disappeared in the sense that it disappears from the Addons box. When FSUIPC disappeared, suddenly all the external addons which are connected to fsx hang(ACARS, FSrealtime, FSC etc). Please PLEASE PLEASE help! I have to fix this ASAP!
  3. I am also having the same problem! Any solution to this???
  4. rohanbhattacharjee1

    VAT-SPY Won't Launch

    Rob, Did you get the solution?? I am having the same problem! :mad: Anyone who can help us????
  5. Hey John, did u get an answer? I am also having the same problem. HELP!!
  6. rohanbhattacharjee1

    Crash while putting in gross weight

    Cant anyone help me?? :(
  7. rohanbhattacharjee1

    Crash while putting in gross weight

    jab350 and pman552, did you get the solution? Please answer. I am desperate for help!! I wanna fly this thing as soon as possible. Someone please help. I cant get any solutions in the internet. PLEASE HELP!!
  8. rohanbhattacharjee1

    Crash while putting in gross weight

    Hi, I am also having the same problem. When I go to Perf Init and when I enter the gross weight, FSX stops responding and crashes. I am new to the PMDG 737 FMC and this is happening all the time. Did you get the solution. Please help!! Rohan