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  1. I'm using two small touch screens... 1024x600 (2x) running on a network computer for P2A. Unfortunately when in P2A's configature menu, I can't scroll down (see images below)... Links... - Image 1 - Image 2
  2. Pattism

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    What if I'm using XPUIPC on XPlane computer and its Wide Client on PC running P2A... I currently have this running (along with Multiplicity... Thanks for the info. Ken) without issues. But now would like to have Yoke button on X-Plane PC to be my PTT on P2A PC. Maybe I'm missing something above, but not understanding how to setup X-Plane or XPUIPC or Wide Client or P2A to do this. I'm thinking to buy a USB mouse, take it apart, use its hardware inside my Yoke (replacing the leads to my Yoke button with that of one of the mouse buttons), then take that mouse hardware and plug it into PC with P2A. It might be crude, but I don't know while the software, but do understand hardware. Any help before I start pulling apart my Yoke would be greatly appreciated. _______________ Best regards, Mark Anthony