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  1. infinitythruster

    FSX Fiber Accelerator?

    My apology for some false info!
  2. infinitythruster

    FSX Fiber Accelerator?

    As it is often said, there is a lot of confusion out there but personally I think every bit of advice you'll find on PMDG's manuals how to set up your 737 NGX can help and they are really the ultimate experts in that field. They also recommend highly only to use win 7, 64 bit but this is not really the topic right now. I haven't mentioned yet, that I ran every slider in the graphics section of FSX to the max, except water, which is 2 high, but not very high. Active sky and similar programs do a better job anyway as standard FSX
  3. infinitythruster

    FSX Fiber Accelerator?

    Someone asked me, what Net Framework I use: 4.5.1, win 7, 64 bit, NVidia 660 with 2 Gig graphic card and 12 Gig of Ram and dedicated 4 Gig Ram for FSX "This has to do with the command prompt: BCDEDIT /set increaseuserva 4072 (go to run and type/copy this in) It essentially increases your virtual memory above the 2GB set by Microsoft. It only works if you're operating system has more than 2G RAM. The 3072 values means your operating system now has 3GB of RAM to use. Any more, and you're computer might completely crash" If you have like myself 12 Gig Ram you can easyly dedicate 4 Gig Ram and you should be fine without crashes. The old Microsoft FSX environment uses only 2 Gig Ram, as you probably all know by now.
  4. infinitythruster

    FSX Fiber Accelerator?

    Hi guys, tried the demo yesterday on my rather ordinary 17 inch notebook (Intel Core i7-3630 CPU, 2.4 GHz) using a PMDG 737 at Brisbane (YBBN) airport from ORBX, where I usually get one of my lowest frame rates between 4.5 and 11 and running Active Sky in the background among other programs. Where I usually tend to get a stuttering performance, the frame rate has picked up between 4 and 10 more frames/sec and even while the demo version of this FSX Fiber Accelerator run out of time while still flying 9000 feet above the Brisbane area I was impressed by the improvement so far. For further testing I think I am willing to give it a go and purchase this product. So at this point I'd like to recommend this product.