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  1. I specify that 'ive done several FSX reinstallation long and it never asked my activation keys (except for the first installation)... Actually DVD1 and DVD2 aresetteled with no problem, but the DVD Acceleration Pack refuses to run.... Thank's for your help :rolleyes:
  2. Unfortunately, i's always impossible to execute Acceleration pack DVD... I 've tried your solutions but nothing happens excepted the launcher noise...
  3. Dear Jim, I've tried to reinstall FSX Gold Edition, Launching DVD1 and DVD2 with no problems but when i launch DVD3 "Acceleration" nothing happens (no error message) !!! here is my problem... Thank's by advance for your help. :blink: Loïc
  4. Thank's for that, appreciate, easy to handle i hope? Best regards Loïc
  5. Hi Mista Bass1 ! Do you have a download link for this application? Thank's a lot. Loïc
  6. Hi Christopher, Thank's for your answer. Actually i have the last NVIDIA driver that NVIDIA proposed ! For the moment i don't have reinstalled FSX yet and i 'm looking for all the good tips in order to make the most effective FSX reinstallation. SO, i didn't remember well when my FSX bugs appeared and which Nvidia driver i had at that time... :unsure: I'll test and keep you informed !!! Loïc
  7. hi everybody ! I have a nvidia geforce gtx 660 ti and i systematically used to download the last Nvidia drivers ... I had several problems along my last FSX adventure. The 340,52 driver is well compatible with FSX? Thank's by advance for your replies... Loïc from France
  8. Thank's a lot Jim, i'll test FSX as soon as possible ! Concerning DX10 Preview turned on and Steve's DX10 Fixer, what is the improvement with FSX? no airplanes compatibility problems? Have a good day Jim. Loïc
  9. Hello Jim ! Thank you for all, i read with attention your explanation and it's very interisting to learn about your FSX experience. I've added my PC configuration in my profile. Actually, i have not reinstall FSX yet. I had several problems and i updated all my pilots and wanted to make the most effective reinstallation. Do i'll tell you the first result as soon as i reinstall FSX, probably in few days... The last time i did it, impossible to launch Acceleration CD... We stay in touch Jim. Cordially Loïc
  10. Hi Jim, Thank's a lot for the link. I think i well followed all the tips for the FSX desinstallation. i've two other questions : - Is it necessary to execute the VENETUBO programm or not? Some manual changes in the FSX.cfg are better? - Do i have to operate some changes in the FSX compatibility mode when i right click on the mouse (FSX exe)? Thank's a lot Jim Cordially Loïc
  11. Bonjour à tous, En vue d'une réinstallation de FSX sur mon ordi (Windows 7 64, Intel Core i5 CPU 3,40 GHz, 8,0 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti) je souhaiterai clarifier quelques points : - Doit on s'intéresser au mode de compatibilité FSX quand on clique droit sur FSX.EXE ? - L'outil Venetubo est il fiable et indispensable ou quelques bons réglages manuels du FSX.cfg sont ils préférables? - J'ai déjà réinstallé FSX plusieurs fois, est il normal qu'il ne me redemande pas mon code d'activation (CD1 et CD2) - Concernant le CD3 Acceleration, il refuse de l'exécuter en automatique? y a t'il une activation manuelle possible? Je précise que je me suis rencardé sur les forums ici même pour essayer de désinstaller au mieux la moindre trace de ma précédente installation. Bref suis preneur de tous vos précieux conseils afin d'éviter les boulettes... Je vais tenter de traduire mon Topic dans la langue de Shakespeare dès que possible. Merci. Loïc, Normandy, FRANCE
  12. lubond

    Blue Screen Crash

    smile... thank's both !!! i'll proceed manually withe windows updates from now one ! Another question when FSX will be running again without problems, do i have to use Venetubo tool or it' ll be better to modify fSX.CFG manually??? Best regards Jim and Mel ! Loïc from Normandy
  13. lubond

    Blue Screen Crash

    Hello Jim, I spoke about Windows updates because i often read on the web that all are not necessary and good ones... So it was a simple question when i wrote : "is it preferable to activate or desactivate Windows update module? I think it' important for the security updates???? Concerning the nvidia driver for my graphic card, when i was running FSX before desinstallation, my G3D.DLL problem was not solve despite the help of everybody on the forum here... I suspected that the last Nvidia driver i uploaded was bad for FSX ! Whatever i'll soon reinstall FSX and i'll tell you how it is. i hope all'll be good now all the drivers are updated. To be continued... Thank's a lot dear Jim and sorry for my bad English ! Loïc
  14. lubond

    Blue Screen Crash

    Good morning Jim ! I follow your instructions and i've download a french freeware "my". So i've updated several drivers for my windows 7 64. At this moment no more blue screen, i'm happy ! In the future is it preferable for me to descativate the windows updates???? :unsure: I also hesistate to install an old NVIDIA driver (corresponding to the period i've bought my PC...) The next step will be the new installation of FSX hoping all will be fine... We stay in touch and thank you very much for everything you do daily. Loïc from france :rolleyes: