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  1. cavdrkz24

    Missing certificate/ authentication code?

    All fixed. Ryan figured it out within 24 hours. Damn you guys are good
  2. cavdrkz24

    Missing certificate/ authentication code?

    Whoops, one more issue. I entered the code and I got an "ERROR:flxActCommonRepairLocalTrustedStorage - (50044,71013,1)" Error. No clue here lol I've tried it multiple times, and even C&P'd the key from the site itself. Any ideas?
  3. cavdrkz24

    Missing certificate/ authentication code?

    And just like that I found the code. Thank you so much for your help with this, and nice work by the way.
  4. Hey everyone, So i apologize if this has been covered before and I failed to find the correct thread. I checked the PMDG knowledge base and still couldn't find anything to remedy this. I did a fresh install of FSX recently, and now I cannot use my PMDG 777, or any other PMDG product I have. When I try, it asks me for an activation code, and then tells me that I am missing the file to use the aircraft and then shuts down my flight sim. Now I looked on the website and found that you guys don't have email support anymore, so how do I go about doing this? I appreciate any help you folks can offer here.
  5. Its amazing that Microsoft hasn't posted a fix for this yet...Love the after launch support lol
  6. cavdrkz24

    Aircraft Disappears

    im having the same issue now. I just launched the game, plane loaded and then skin disappears and all I can see are the compressor fans spinning. Nothing else. , here are my system specs.. Windows 7 64 bit Intel Core i5 processor 2320 GeForce GTX 560-Ti 8GB DDR3 Ram So im pretty sure its not my specs. Ive had intermittent issues with the PMDG 777 since its launch with no clear answers. Anyone else have a solution to this?