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  1. I agree, but that doesnt justify the CTD anyway.
  2. ok.... I finished my test flight, no minimizing 4:40 flight. no CTD soo,... yeah, minimizing is the problem
  3. Noup, ive tried the same with pmdg 744 only and never had any problems. since T7 and 744 are the only ones i use for long haul. for short hops I use NGX and FSL320 and with those i minimize the sim without problems. of course very few flights are longer that 3 hours. I rarely use default aircraft, and certainly not for 3 hours.
  4. Hello all Somehow P3D v4.1 is crashing when minimized and 3 hours into the flight with B777. Ive tried two different flights. BIKF-KSEA and KSEA RCTP. SEA TPE being native addon scenery. the first flight was succesfully recovered with fsuipc autosave feature. I did not minimized P3D for the remaining 4:30 hours and I was able to complete the flight. Second flight happened again exactly 3 hours into the flight, again the sim was minimized. This is strange because I do minimize the sim with 744 long hauls and everything goes perfectly fine. why do I minimize the sim? because the GPU eases down and core temperature drops, also the fan slows down making less noise. Any one experienced this before? also,anyone does minimize the sim??? thank you! Alfredo Hernandez
  5. The normal procedure to disengage the autopilot in both aircraft is by pressing the disengage button ON the control column. you can map that button trough the FMC options. in the 747 you RIGHT CLICK the screw just above the FD switch. If your vnav disappears then something on your lateral revision is causing a reversion. check your FMC legs page to ensure everything is ok. on climb the FMA should read VNAV SPD
  6. This is also not the correct way. if the 737 engages in ALT HOLD when reaching cruise altitude set in FMC, this means that your climb was performed outside vnav. the 737 should also read VNAV PATH when reaching cruise altitude. Make sure you have engaged vnav on the MCP panel.
  7. thats odd.. I remove it in a daily basis without trouble
  8. now you have to uninstall KB4041676 it should work
  9. We are all wondering the same thing..... it is has not been released, and there is no release date in the foreseeable future. sorry :(
  10. v/s is as good as the other to modes. Difference is that V/S disregards speed.. you have to be very careful not to exceed Vmo/mmo or VFE. in many cases if you are high on your descend profile, is better to slow down and configure than using speed to maintain a high rate of descend. Even is this gets you even higher on your profile. Remeber, the number one enemy for being high on your approach is speed, not altitude.
  11. guys I believe for now the ONLY solution is to remove KB4038788. Ive been flying 747 for the last 10 days or so this way and it worked every single time. I dont care if windows stays behind on its updates, as long as my plane works. But sure this has to be definetly fixed in some manner
  12. dont think so, I tried the reinstall process and crashed anyway. Is an Issue of windows update affecting the proper operation of QOTS. IF it were the PMDG ops ctr and liveries, it would crash anytime with or without the windows updates. But 99% of us are temporary solving the problem by removing KB4038788. So, either end has to do something about it. And I definetly doubt that windows is going to modify and Update just because a few persons that happens to be flightsimmers cant use a program only half of them own. My bet would be on PMDG side. but who knows. By now I just added to my FSX checklist to remove the ill update before running QOTS, everysingle time since also Im unable to stop the download. I can stop the installation, but not the download. cheers
  13. Thing is KB4038788 is still messing somehow with QOTS I have to uninstall it every single time i rebbot/shutdown the system, because no matter what I do, windows always downloads the update. Ive tried all methods that internet suggests on how to avoid automatic windows updates, but so far is useless. It doesnt finalize the installation because I dont reboot the pc without removing said ill update. I managed to be able to use the QOTS but I have to do this every single time I run FSX
  14. my windows doesnt have that pause option. I look for it in internet and it does exist as you describe it. But for some reason I dont have it :(
  15. yes, but I think PMDG is the one that is going to have to look for a compatibility solution perhaps. I dont think windows is going to modify the update just because we simmers are having trouble with our payware planes. I agree is not a problem from PMDG, but from a modification to the OS.