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  1. my windows doesnt have that pause option. I look for it in internet and it does exist as you describe it. But for some reason I dont have it :(
  2. yes, but I think PMDG is the one that is going to have to look for a compatibility solution perhaps. I dont think windows is going to modify the update just because we simmers are having trouble with our payware planes. I agree is not a problem from PMDG, but from a modification to the OS.
  3. Just found out that, even with the network settings in "metered" Windows still downloads the update. I have to periodically check and delete the update every now and then. this is becoming anoying!
  4. my problem was with fsx and 747 ONLY.. I own 777 for fsx too and did not have troubles. And I own the 737 for p3dv4 and also no problems at all
  5. nop. I look for it and the only solution is to set the wifi conection to "metered". That way the updater wont attempt to download and install the update. w10 does not have an option to manual or automatic installation of updates. Is always automatic. I set the wifi to metered and indeed avoided de update. It says failure to download and install update XX. Now I can shut down or restart the pc without having to deal with it. I hope PMDG guys come with a solution to this update that is messing with our QOTS. im off, is late. Thank you gents!
  6. Now, how darn do I turn off the PC without installing the update again !!??
  7. I Do confirm too. Removing the mentioned update solved the problem. I can load the 747 anywhere again!
  8. Thank you Mark, I will give it a try later.
  9. would you be so kind to tell us which update is it?
  10. Seems That something serious happened then.. Some Windows update... I dont know Lets see who el se come with similar problems
  11. Im glad to hear that Im not alone on this. Thank you
  12. what I find extremly odd is that once I load the plane in MMGL (and now tried MMLP and it did load well) and then move the plane to a super heavy 3rd party scenery like dubai or hong kong or even luxembourg from just sim, and everything keeps working well. Im able to use the plane perfectly. I do have the 777 too and It has no problems at all.
  13. well, just tried deactivating ALL but default sceneries, even orbx global and vector entries and.... noup... nothing, still crashing anywhere else but MMGL also video card drivers were just updated a few minutes ago.
  14. 3.00.8415 operations center says is up to date in a green banner