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  1. also another thing that is happenning i just realized, is that the light buttons on the top among others, disappear. i figure is a gauge problem. please someone help me
  2. Hello, i recently bought both fs2crew for 747 and the pmdg 747. when i open the plane alone without the fs2crew, the panel works fine, but when i open fs2crew, if i leave the 2d panel, most of the other panels except the upper panel on the 747 disapear and i can see the outside of the plane as if there is no panel. does anyone encoutres this error? if so please help me fix it. thank you
  3. fluxor

    Problem with engine one throttle

    This site has no rating hi guys, im having the same problem. my engine is running but only the right one works when i apply the throttle. can someone help me?