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  1. jerryang128

    quick question on FS Global 2010 FTX Compatible

    I am also extremely confused by this topic but I did find this from the readme.txt of FTX Global Vector: The layers: 1) First you will need a 3D wireframe, the mesh. FS Global 2010 or Ultimate series are recommended, as we do all the testing and developing on these. Other meshes may/will work as well, but it depends on how they were derived. Even the same source data can result in a different mesh. Though it is no technical requirement, Vector will look odd in some areas when you use the sims (FSX/P3D) default mesh. We strongly recommend to use FS Global 2010 or Ultimate. 2) Second you will need a landclass layer. This layer defines city, woods, ocean, etc. ORBX will have them ready one by one coming soon. For the time being you can use what you have installed or your sim has as a default. 3) Third you will need these landclass data filled with textures, so that actually a picture is created. Use ORBX FTX Global for this. FTX Global is a REQUIREMENT for the use of Vector as it uses textures from there. So you MUST have FTX Global (at LEAST V1.2) installed. 4) Forth you will need this picture be more detailed by adding VECTOR data, such a lakes, shorelines, streets, highways, train lines, power lines, etc, etc … This is done by FS Global (FTX) Vector. These four layers will completely replace the FSX default world in much better detail using the most modern data available. A whole new FS world. On top of this world you can place all your detailed add-on airports and scenery. Of course some of them may need amendment since the world below them may have changed. But this is nothing new. It happens in most cases once a new sim is released. Hope that helps