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  1. escapeta

    SDK--any way to read the cabin press and CDU?

    Sorry guys, I was a bit busy lately doing some other stuff because aviation is my hobby (like most of us - although I'm soon to be holder of PPL(H)) Like I responded to some of you sending me PM, I have completed most of coding for retrieving data from both CDUs. I will publish sample code (written in C# - easy to translate to any language) as soon as I get time to complete it for wide use... Regarding EULA and stuff...reverse engineering as a legal term is decompiling libraries which I was not doing. I was simply found a "route" to locations in virtual memory where data is stored (not the first person doing it anyway) As I recall, PMDG SDK EULA states that reading memory locations is forbidden, but, the thing is...this technique of mine does not use PMDG SDK nor SimConnect so I was not obligated to accept those EULAs, nor users of my code needs to accept those EULAs in order to use my, by law, I was doing something that is generally perfectly legal...messing with my own computer's memory Anyway, if someone want to press charges against me, I will gladly send my personal contact information in Montenegro...Would not be the first time Good bless Open Source Kind regards Marko
  2. escapeta

    SDK--any way to read the cabin press and CDU?

    After 4 days of exploring memory locations and debuging FSX, I managed to pick up CDU text lines for both captain and f/o... I used the same principle as VirtualAvionics guys...reading directly from FSX/PMDG process memory...and IT WORKS I'll try to document this method in next few days and publish it online...since I'm a bit ###### :mad: when someone keeps this kind of stuff for themselves...simply, I'm not that kind of guy Stay tuned... regards, Marko
  3. escapeta

    SDK--any way to read the cabin press and CDU?

    So, did anyone figured out how to read CDU text lines ???