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    Love FSX, but Novalogic Delta Force too =)
  1. lima725

    Oh nooo, the 747!

    Oh noo... so sad for this... :( I hope to fly on a Boeing 747-400, it's a piece of history
  2. Hello guys! These days I'm thinking: is there a helicopter fuel calculator(type fuelplanner, but for choppers)?? Now I ask this queston to you, because I didn't find anything :( Thanks ^_^ Sorry for errors, but english isn't my language
  3. Hello guys! I would like to use FSX with the maximum hardware available power, in order to obtain the maximum fps with a fluent game experience. I googled a bit, even browsing the Microsoft site, but the only information I could obtain was that FSX (if properly updated) can take advantage of a double-core processor. Do you have any more detailed information about how FSX uses the computer hardware? In particular, which components are the most important? Does CPU performance affect FSX more than the graphic card or viceversa? Should I choose a CPU with high single-core performances or a CPU with a high number of cores? Thank you!