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  1. GridNorth


    I have just purchased version I cannot make any sense of the tutorial for flight planning as it is different. Even the screen layout is different. When I try to get as close as I can to the tutorial it sends me off into the Pacific. Alan
  2. I've been using Orbx England for some time now to fly GA and not had any issues however now that I am playing with larger aircraft I am experiencing problems. I load the default 737 and place it at a gate and as soon as it's loaded it either crashes or places the aircraft away from the gate, sometimes on the wrong side of the building. I've tried small, medium and heavy gates at both Heathrow and Gatwick and numerous gates. When I use the default scenery it seems OK. Alan
  3. It would be over egging it to say I was building a cockpit but I am trying to make my flight simming more realistic to be used as a training aid for PPL. I've made a plywood frame and cut a hole in it to display my flight instruments on a separate monitor. I don't want to cut holes for instruments as I want to keep it generic. Has anyone any ideas how to create a cheap, lightweight glare shield. I've tried polystyrene pipe insulation but, unfortunately, it looks like polystyrene pipe insulation and is a bit naff. Alan
  4. GridNorth

    VOXATC not allowing me to depart

    Brilliant, thank god for forums. I moved from my small local airport at Gloucester to Bristol International, everything worked a treat. I did a full VFR flight circuit and VOXATC did everything it should, at least as far as my limited experience can tell. Alan
  5. GridNorth

    VOXATC not allowing me to depart

    The only add ons I have are Orbx England scenery and FSUIPC but what you suggest sounds like a good idea. I'll try it with both another airport and default scenery. Yes, seamlessly is perhaps a little optimistic. FSX is the most frustrating software I've ever used, you just get one thing working and something else pops out of the woodwork.
  6. I keep getting the message "unable at this time" when I request clearance to depart and I just sit there unable to take off. Initially this also happened when I requested permission to start engines. I ran the voice training again several times and got past this particular issue only for my demo to expire. Tegwyn very kindly extended this and I managed to get a little further. The voice recognition appears to recognise my voice but I'm beginning to wonder if the software is mature enough. I don't know if it's the Microsoft voice recognition or VOXATC either way I'm a little reluctant to part with any money if I cannot get this to work seamlessly. I expect to have to repeat myself now and again but to end up just sitting there unable to proceed is frustrating. I have read threads on here with similar issues that suggest that there may be problems with the latest release of software? Alan
  7. GridNorth

    I don't get permission to start an engine

    Contacted Tegwyn again. He has extended my demo time which is fantastic as it has given me time to sort things out, which I have done. Fair play to him, great customer service and I will be buying the product very soon. I would buy it now but it's my birthday in a few weeks so I'm hoping someone treats me.
  8. I thought VOXATC took over from the default ATC? When I tried the demo I'm sure I was invited to turn it off. Alan
  9. GridNorth

    I don't get permission to start an engine

    I already have. He suggests that speech recognition is not set up correctly or my headset is not good enough. I'm using a Microsoft headset with noise cancelling.
  10. GridNorth

    I don't get permission to start an engine

    A lot of good advice especially "RTFM". Unfortunately my demo expired just as I thought I had a handle on it. It's my birthday soon, I think I'll put VOXATC on the list. I tried MCE but it's not as good IMO, at least not for what I want. Alan
  11. GridNorth

    I don't get permission to start an engine

    Yes. See related topic. When I first tried to post this there was no icon/button to post a new thread so I tried again, this second time the system told me I was not allowed to post new threads then low and behold both of them appeared. Strange.
  12. GridNorth

    VOXATC Issues

    Yes to most of that although I have no idea what level D Nav data is. No matter, VOXATC seems much happier with the command "Pushback and Start" even though I'm flying a Cesna 172 and I would not have thought it was relevant. At least I can progress now. Being able to pull up the prompt menu is also very handy. Thank you Alan
  13. GridNorth

    VOXATC Issues

    VOXATC will not give me permission to start and engine. The radio check works and I can listen to ATC. I keep getting "Unable to..." or "Pass your message". If I skip that part and continue it seems to work but I still seem to get a lot of these messages throughout the process. So many in fact that the application is virtually unusable. Alan Apologies when I posted this I received an error telling me that I was not allowed so I tried again only to find that it had been submitted but I can't see a way to delete one.
  14. I have completed the voice training. I load a VFR Flight Plan and do a radio check. I listen to ATC but VOXATC will not give me permission to start the engine. I also seem to get a lot of "Pass your message" and "Unable to..." messages even though I'm following the scripts to the letter.