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  1. willgreg89

    alt-enter 3 times in a row and CTD

    I am also getting this problem. If i go from full screen to windowed mode I get a black screen but I can hear p3d running in the background. I thought it was with fspassengers but it doesnt seem to be exclusively when that is running. Has anyone found a solution?
  2. willgreg89

    Ezdok for v3.0

    Thank you for this! I am now very close to being able to use EZDOK as I did in v2.5! The new issue is that I can only seem to use it if the EZDOK tool is on top of p3d. If I try to use the mouse or keys in p3d nothing happens but if I bring up the EZDOK tool then suddenly it comes to life. So close and yet so far... any ideas what I need to do now? Scratch that... ran it as administrator and it jumps in to life. Thanks!