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  1. RemoteC4

    Key Request - Failure

    Hey Ron, I swear I did it the way you described. I'm not sure what the issue was. Either way it is fixed and I can start playing so all is good. JC
  2. RemoteC4

    Key Request - Failure

    Sorry to reply to my own post. But finally got an approved Key email in response to help emails I had sent. Didn't want to jam up the company's help email so figured I'd post here since they appear to read this forum. Thanks for the assistance RC folks!
  3. RemoteC4

    Key Request - Failure

    Hey Folks, Same problem. I have sent, what I understand to be a properly formatted email to the register email. Since 2 or 3 May. I have sent it from both of my primary email addresses (paid through paypal which has a different email than what I usually use.) I have received around five failure emails. I have responded to the address listed in those emails and haven't heard anything. I noticed this forum is fairly active so I figured I'd try all avenues. Also for the RC owners, a couple of the emails were a bit "grumpy" that was before I knew about this format issue thing. So apologies for those. That said some help would be appreciated, I am looking forward to being able to use your product. Thank you, JC Update: Well I may be a big idiot, we'll see. I just noticed it was supposed to be last name then first name. I have resent with those swapped. Update 2: Nope, still failure. Will wait for a response.