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  1. Bert, I must admit, I screwed up. So when I first purchased the Hawker it was amazing. Framerates were awesome. 30+ the entire time, cold and dark all the way up to cruise altitude. Like an idiot, I didn't read the instructions and I installed the update without uninstalling the original version. Now whenever I am cold and dark and hit the master battery my fps drop to 0-3fps. That is one of the main reasons why I believe so many people are having this fps issue. I have uninstalled, manually deleted the aircraft, navigraph, everything multiple times and I still cant get it back to the performance I had when I had the original version. Do you have any suggestions? Also I noticed that if I hit shift-9, a navigraph database loading screen appears but dissapears right away. It is at 100% but it is like the window is hidden inside of the the fsx program and only appears if I repeatedly hit shift+9. You appear all over these forums and look like a really smart guy when it comes to these things. Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated. Once again, I know I screwed up and didn't follow the instructions. I am just looking for a little help. Thanks so much. Respectfully, John