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  1. If someone is interested in 🙂: Longtan RCDI is military airbase with runway 04/22 and length ~3200ft. This airport is also used as Taipei international airport for private/business jets. Except of RCDI, RCTP and RCSS, in the vicinity of Taipei area there are also: - RCGM - Taoyuan military airbase, rwy 05/23 ~10000ft - south of RCTP civil airport, here: https://www.google.pl/maps/@25.0548755,121.2416373,2302m/data=!3m1!1e3 - RCPO - Hsinchu military airbase, rwy 05/23 ~12000ft - west of RCDI/south-west of RCTP, here: https://www.google.pl/maps/@24.814134,120.9405644,1940m/data=!3m1!1e3 Regards, Piotr
  2. This message means you don't write correct airport code* in route description - when you type a route description the first element has to be always departure airport code** *In addition the departure airport code has to exist in LNM navigation database (loaded as AIRAC and/or simulator db depends on your LNM scenery library settings) - but you can always check the code by pressing <F4> and typing given airport code in field "Ident" under "Airports" tab. Here is example correct route description for flight from Goteborg to Hannover: ESGG N0346F260 VADIN GODOG ADSEN ALS ALASA TUGDU EKERN RENSU ELSOB ESTAD EDDV As you can see above - the first element is mandatory departure airport code, the last element is mandatory destination airport, the second element describing speed and flight level is optional at LNM. Here is example of another route description, flight from Gran Canaria to Salzburg: GCLP VASTO UN858 AKUDA DCT OBOLO DCT OSLEP UN858 OXACA UM30 HIJ UN10 CJN UL27 YAKXU UN871 DEGES Z2 XEBIX N871 BADVI L725 UNKEN LOWS More information you can find in section 35 of LNM manual, especially in point 35.3 (route description format): https://www.littlenavmap.org/manuals/littlenavmap/release/2.6/en/ROUTEDESCR.html?highlight=new flight plan I hope above advice helps you 🙂 Regards, Piotr **it refers to default LNM settings. It's also possible change interpretation settings to treat first and last element as navaids but not as airports - see last right button in "New Flight Plan from Route Description". In such a case you have to later manually add departure/destination airports to flight plan.
  3. Look at "Search window" (switched on/off by <ALT><1> or direct shortcut <F4>) - under "Airports" tab. You can search by ICAO code, airport name, city, ... etc. Regards, Piotr
  4. Try "Print flight plan option" - it's available under menu LNM->File->Print Flight Plan. Instead sending data to printer, you can use special "PDF writer" device (there is plenty of such free software available) and write output into PDF file. Regards, Piotr
  5. Good news - a moment ago I've just found how to solve this problem 🙂 It's enough to switch off displaying airspaces from Navigraph sources - look at ->LNM->Scenery Library->Airspace Libraries. Then untick Navigraph and leave only ticked option/s: Simulator or Simulator/User. In my XP11+LNM environment, LNM displays then only correct (A)-(P) segments without this "fake" (Z) segment. I hope this help you. Regards, Piotr
  6. OK, I've already undestood your question 🙂 I've made a moment ago some experiments in LNM (switching Navi sources, etc.) and it seems the (Z) segment you've mentioned, comes from Navigraph database, but I don't know yet how to solve this problem (probably it's necessary to remove this segment from Navigraph database). All other B-class segments (A),(B),(C)...,(P) are displayed correctly. I suppose this (Z) segment is Navigraph's "creative idea of summary space" (or something similar) - because it covers horizontal area of whole B airspace class around Denver. In general I fly in LNM with VFR FAA charts set as background maps (us-vfr-sectionals), it's easier to perform flight and more comfortable - look at this old thread here: Regards, Piotr
  7. Here you can find legend for FAA VFR charts: https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/aero_guide/media/editions/17Jun2021/cug-visual-edition.pdf (page 15, B class airspace). On the image you put above, I've found the following B class separate areas around Denver KDEN: 1) SFC-120 (what means 0-12000ft) - on the left of Denver's runways icons, 2) 65-120, 3) 70-120, 4) 75-120, 5) 90-120, 6) 100-120, 7) 80-120, 8] 60-120 ... I hope despite my eye problems (presbyopia) I was able to find almost all of these airspace B segments that are seen in the post/image above 😎 Regards, Piotr
  8. It's not a fake 🙂 Such B class 0-12000ft exists around Denver airport (it's the most inner part of B class area around Denver) - look at SKYVECTOR, VFR map for Denver area: https://skyvector.com/?ll=-19.244773431861812,146.75976564552437&chart=301&zoom=17 Denver KDEN airport is one of B-class space airports in USA. Here is full list of all B class airports in USA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Class_B_airports_in_the_United_States Flying in B-class in USA is very specific, especially if you want to perform VFR flight (for example - restricted max speed up to 200kts even when you are not inside but below B class space). Here you can find diagram airspace classes in USA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airspace_class_(United_States) In general FAA and ICAO are 2 separate worlds, so if you want to fly in USA you have to read/know FAA regulations, more here: https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?c=ecfr&sid=3efaad1b0a259d4e48f1150a34d1aa77&rgn=div5&view=text&node=14: and in other pages (there is plenty of them on the Internet). Regards, Piotr
  9. Sometimes I've got similar problems (old computer) when set too big details level with too much other things switched on (too many objects on srceen). Reduce details as much as possible to fit everything to your purposes, switch off all non-used things and try use these tricks from LNM manual: https://www.littlenavmap.org/manuals/littlenavmap/release/2.6/en/APPENDIX.html#tips-for-old-and-slow-computers It should help 🙂 Regards, Piotr ps. other question can be MSFS2020 simulator itself, but I'm not able to help here - I use XP11@Linux
  10. You can do (almost) whatever you want, LNM doesn't affect your simulator 🙂 Regards, Piotr
  11. After upgrading XP11 to 11.55r1 (beta) and synchronized LNM library, many international airports can be seen as empty/"grey" airports under LNM, for example YSSY airport. To solve this problem it's necessary upgrade XP11 to newest version 11.55r2 (was released 2 days ago) and then resynchronized/reload of LNM library and everything is ok 🙂 It's because of bug XPD-11278 in XP 11.55r1 - missing 3D flags for airports. Regards, Piotr
  12. Have you already checked/tested whether after downgrading LNM and XP11 databases** to AIRAC2105 or earlier version everything is ok? **including FAACIFP18 file if you use separate FAA database under XP11 Regards, Piotr
  13. This is info for Alex and every other person interested in using IVAO Whazzup service. Currently IVAO is shifting to new Whazzup service - v2 that is available under address: https://api.ivao.aero/v2/tracker/whazzup and as I've seen - use JSON format. Documentation to new Whazzup v2 is available here: https://wiki.ivao.aero/en/home/devops/api/documentation-v2 Download limit in Whazzup v2 was changed from 1/3min to 1/15sec and is equal new Webeye 3.xx refresh period 😄 As it was written today on IVAO forum - the old Whazzup v1 service will be shutdown on 1st August this year - more here: http://xa.forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=362905.0#new Regards, Piotr
  14. Is it this thing? Flight plan made on base of old Navigraph database from 2018 that probably doesn't exist in FS2020 ... Regards, Piotr
  15. I think it depends on format you want to export to, in the most of formats it works now 😄 For example, I fly under XP11 - when flight plan is exported to new FMS format it's possible to get airways, when to old FMS3 format it's impossible to get airways in FP (they are not supported by FMS3). You can check the formats' possibilities in manual section 36.2, here: https://www.littlenavmap.org/manuals/littlenavmap/release/2.6/en/FLIGHTPLANFMT.html And of course it's necessary to switch off default feature "Export airways as waypoints" - under LNM->File->Export options 🙂 Regards, Piotr
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