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  1. Hi, it looks very good. Looking forward to Friday to try it over the weekend. A doubt I have. In this release will be only the new models or also all the previous ones? Thank you
  2. Hello, @KL791 Any news when the new package will be available?
  3. I know it's not very important, but out of curiosity. What adjustments do you have in the simulator? The quality of your screenshots are impressive.
  4. Ok. Thank you It works very well with SF textures. I will also test with your textures, to compare.
  5. Hello, Gerard, is it possible to use your presets with any set of textures? For example, with the textures of Sky Force 3D? Would it be necessary to make some extra adjustment? I do not have much experience with PTA. Thank you
  6. A doubt. In the case of using the textures of Rex Skye Force, should I copy all the folders, as you say in the readme, or just apply the preset in PTA? Thank you
  7. Hello, great analysis. I was surprised that even with the highest settings, you leave the special effects at low level. What is the reason? Thank you
  8. Very cool tones. Is it possible to use the preset and effects with the textures of REX Sky Force? Or are they designed to be used with your texture set? Thank you
  9. Hello, What version of Nvidia Inspector are you using? Do you use the "normal" frame limiter or v2? What settings do you apply in Prepar3D so that they do not interfere with the Nvidia settings? FXAA, AA, TF, Vsync, Target frame rate in Prepar3D? Thanks
  10. Hi. Only one day to launch the DTG Flight School. A last minute question. There is some version of Nvidia driver recommended by Dovetail? It is well known by users of FSX and P3D, there are versions of drivers work better in general than others. Any recommendations, according to the tests that have been done before the launch? Thank you.
  11. Ok Steve. Now I have the things a little clearer. At the end I terminare learning something. :wink:
  12. Hi Steve and all. I read this comment on this website. http://www.gatwick-fsg.org.uk/affinitymask.aspx?SubMenuItem=utilties Accordingly this, values like 84 or 116 AM have an adverse effect on the simulator, and leaving the core zero out. All a bit confusing. I would like to know your opinion. Thank you.
  13. You said earlier: "We put out content on Facebook in English, French and German. The three languages that DTG Flight School will support." And the Spanish? Spanish is one of the most used languages in the world, after Chinese is the most spoken language, with over 500 million Spanish speakers. Despite this, not you going to include this language in DTG Flight School and Flight Simulator? It would be quite disappointing. A greeting.
  14. Ok,Thanks Steve. I try 116. Vertical Sync 1/2 Refresh Rate is unusable in P3D v3, right? nd I've always wondered about the correct value for "maximum pre-rendered frames" and if a great benefit is obtained. by the way, that software can be used to obtain fps graphic statistics?
  15. Hi. A very interesting thread. I've been testing these adjustments and I noticed that when I locked 30fps (60Hz monitor) in NI + unlimited in the sim, sometimes the fps fluctuate above 30 fps. So, my question is if NI is blocking fps or normal behavior?. Another question. with the last versión of Prepar3D (3.1 & 3.2) it is better not include a value for AM? So far I used AM = 84 with HT. A greeting
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