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  1. In the case of temporarily not wanting to use AIG in the simulator (models, flightplans, textures, etc.), is it enough to move the aig-aitraffic-oci-beta folder out of the community folder? On the other hand. AIG copies downloaded models in compressed (.zip) format to the ProgramData/AIGtech/AIGAM/temp_model folder on drive C. Is it possible to change this temporary file storage path to another drive? Thank You
  2. I have the same setup as you (GTX 1070, Vsync = On, FPS Lock = 30 fps, Monitor 60Hz) and I'm getting solid 30 fps and a lot of smoothness in game. My technical question is, with a monitor at 60 Hz and the FPS locked at 30. Does this mean that each frame is rendered twice to synchronize the 60 Hz of the monitor? On the other hand, by activating Vsync, is there any benefit to activating Low Latency Mode = Ultra in NVCP? Thank you all
  3. Hello, a question. Is it recommended to activate the "Triple buffer" option in NVCP with V-sync ON in game?
  4. Is there a way that the zoom does not change automatically while tracking the plane? I have searched for the option, but have been unable to find it. regards
  5. What level of adjustment is recommended in the "Land and Sea Traffic" option, so that the boats appear but not have a loss of performance by setting a value too high? Thank You
  6. Great News! Looks very good. Any date for a first release? Even with a limited number of boats. Happy New Year!
  7. Any progress in the project? We look forward to seeing it work on MSFS. Merry Christmas to all.
  8. Great screenshot! What settings do you have in EnvShade?
  9. Great! By when do you figure you will release an update? Thank You
  10. For a few days now, I have noticed a bug in the exterior views. Some parts of airport and airplane buildings disappear. Only when I fly very close, some, some parts reappear and then disappear again. The funny thing is that it only happens when I select outdoor cameras. If I look from cameras inside the plane, everything is displayed correctly. I have updated Chaseplane to the latest version (1.1.189 S) and Prepar3D v5 HF1. I have tried different configurations, but I cannot fix the error. I'm thinking of uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, but I wanted to know if there is any way to fix it without reinstalling. Thank you
  11. I recently installed AI AIG and have some doubts. As I see that there are people here with a lot of knowledge on the subject, I would like to know if you can help me with a couple of questions. I have read here that to use AIG, it is recommended to disable default bgl. How do you do this? What bgl should be deactivated? On the other hand, since I use AIG, planes rarely have contrails, or at least I don't see them. I have to configure some parameter in the settings so that they appear ?. Although as much as I have searched, I have not seen anything about it. I have also searched the official forum, but I have not found anything that clarifies it. Thank you
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