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  1. Since I'm on my way out... Who the **** are you to calling anybody anything? Because you got a stupid 'Donor' tag by your screen name? **** off...
  2. I was gonna question this, but upon further review, I won't. And by the looks of it, it looks like I can show myself the door, right? But I will say this, risking a ban: all we had then -as we do now- are sketchy details at best. That still classifies as nothing more than speculation in my view. By the time we will have any real facts, it'll be too late by then. Btw, DTG loves all of this: any publicity -like all this banter, good or bad- is great publicity. Maybe I'm wrong about all of this, we'll see -something tells me I'm not. I've been down this road before. Sayonara.
  3. Agreed on both comments here. And for the record, I was a loyal Railworks 2012 up unto TS2014 DTG consumer/customer/player. (But I knew something was up when the old ggmaxx (that's misspelled intentionally btw) p42 Genesis wasn't available for purchase anymore -that's getting way too off topic here now for most reading...nor will I get into the fiasco/ripoff that is going to be Unreal Engine 4 for current ts2014 customers -another topic altogether also...) The part that irks me about all of this is that they made it very public and made a big deal about hiring the EA peeps. In my eyes, all bets were off then... I won't mention who the CEO of EA was at the time that EA pulled the plug on my (and about 100,000 other subscribers) two TWO subscriptions. (You can Google that for yourself, and then keep that info to yourself, because I don't feel like getting hit with libel/slander accusational bs from anyone or this site.) EA made the promise to refund ALL the paid subscriptions -especially those that JUST RENEWED - but skipped town, just like that EA CEO did. In short, you (meaning me) were truly SOL. I was out over $100 over that deal, w/two subs and some p2p addon content. Many more players were RIPPED OFF for much more $$$. Much more. It's only a 100 bucks, but it might as well been 100 million -a thief is a thief- especially when it's a high paid CEO would made money from stealing money out of my pocket, coincidentally, at the time of his exit from TWO. EA made a lot of my gaming $$$, since 1999. Why I kept giving it to them is beyond me... It would have been much better if they never made the promise of a refund on the TWO fiasco. I can eat that a little bit easier rather than being lied to by a corporation that made over 750 MILLION dollars off of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf franchise in ten years. Lied to by the very same people DTG hired two months ago...and now they are running FSX? YES, I GOT AN AXE TO GRIND. These aren't assumptions, these are facts -facts backed up with my bank account. Who's to say it won't happen again? I'm saying it probably will, because in my view thieves don't care who they rip off. I'm not gonna say outright who the thieves are -read between the lines. If that certain CEO would confront me personally, I'd have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER telling him who a thief was... See above quoted post... Let's put all the naiveté aside. We all know history can be altered, especially on the Internet. You throw enough money at a problem, it will go away. This company has tons of $$$, and imo scrupulous people working for them -again, see above post. It's been proven that DTG can clean up messes on other sites, especially on Steam, and especially in the social media outlets. But I'm the one making assumptions...right... There's no assumption on my part about this little tidbit: imo DTG will be the downfall of FSX -in a year's time maybe. Tops. It was a month ago. Did you have some info we didn't know about then? No. No one did. And being no one seems to have anything in concrete as far as any future info goes, it still is all speculation as far as I'm concerned...all we got then were sketchy details at best. Same goes for now, sketchy details...then everyone wonders why people are getting in a furor over this announcement these days... No one will know anything up until the last moment, then indeed it will all be fact -and by then imo it'll be too late to do anything about it anyways...
  4. When this speculation was announced over a month ago, I was really hoping it was going to be Boeing, a la the Lockheed-Martin way of doing things. Didn't quite work out that way. The only good thing I've read out of all of this so far is that FS9 will remain as is, untouched, and that's fine with me. If there is a silver lining to all of this, it is that I have began to look into Prepar3d a lot more, and I think I will go that route. Just as an insurance policy, because I think FSX is done at the end of this year. I truly think DTG will decide to make our current copies of FSX null and void by January 2015, unless you pay them a fee. It might be a one time "subscription" or "enrollment" fee, or an annual fee. All one has to do is see how DTG treats their customers -they ignore them (a trait they inherited and a trick they learned by hiring all those ex-EA execs/devs), but gladly take the customer's $$$ for way-overpriced DLC. And unless you pay them this fee, your current copy of FSX will be nothing more than a drink coaster. It will not be able to run, period. DTG can do this, and there's nothing this or any community can do about it. You can yap about it when it happens, and they will laugh in your face. Guaranteed. Now, how can they do this? Easily: One thing that has not been brought up here, or in any of the other forums: DTG knows exactly what's on your pc the second you log into Steam, whether you allow them access to that info or not. Any dev/company doing business on Steam knows all of this info. Heck, if you like, they will even print it up and show it to you. It is a very accurate and detailed report, right down to every FS9/FSX p2p add on or non-FSX/FS9-related add on installed on your system -and that's exactly how DTG can/will deactivate your current FSX. Because of all the misinformation floating around out there the past couple of days, many people think that their FSX is OK as it is. With DTG running the show now, it is not. These guys don't play around when it comes to making money, and they don't care who they pss off while doing it. Hiring the EA people is all you need to know that they are dead serious about cashing in. The EA guys know how to shut down a game platform, even if you own the disk or not. Those EA guys, they've done it before (and never paid one single dime in refunds back, as promised). Why do you think DTG hired them for in the first place? It certainly wasn't for their game development skills or their customer satisfaction reputation... And all the speculation about how they will make the money is all hogwash too imo. They will polish up the current version to what they feel will appeal to the younger demo, just like MS did with Flight. If the "new" version doesn't bring in the projected numbers, they will drop it like a hot potato in no time, and we will be back to square one, but with the broken FSX left over as a dead carcass by that time. DTG doesn't care if it loses money during all of this, the cash cow known as TS2014 will be covering those loses anyways, because for every 3 of us educated TS2014 consumers, there are 7 who don't know squat and have their parent's credit card for unlimited ammo and unlimited spending -and that's the market DTG caters to, not to us 3 'percent' educated ones. Everyone here will soon be a part of that three "percent" demo too. Enjoy it, knowing your "input" will be worthless. Goat simulators. Fishing simulators...that's some nice company there to be associated couldn't have been somebody a bit more reputable like Boeing? What the... Now how much do you really think they will pay attention to a community like the FS community? Let's face the facts now: we are not their target demographic. We never were, and now (meaning around 12/2014 or 1/2015) it will become painfully obvious.