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  1. All the airports I had downloaded UK2000 for are missing. The airport building and even the tracks on the runway are missing. I had them before but when I downloaded the EGKK UK2000 I must've done something wrong.
  2. shakir1998

    Can't find the operations centre app?

    What's the difference between the 737-800ngx WL and 737-800ngx?
  3. I want to download some liveries for the 737 but it says they are in the operations centre app but I can't seem to find the app.
  4. shakir1998

    FSX running at very low fps.

    Hmm I'm going to look into the GTX-750 but first I need to see if my PC can run it. Thanks for help!
  5. shakir1998

    FSX running at very low fps.

    What about CPU? Sorry I'm a bit of a computer noob but I heard FSX is mainly cpu based. And I'm not looking for a really smooth FSX with high frame rates just a set up with average frame rate.
  6. shakir1998

    FSX running at very low fps.

    So what kind of APU would I need to buy? I don't want anything too expensive but when I created this topic I was hoping on some advice on APU's I could buy. If I bought something like a GeForce GTX 760 would that help me?
  7. shakir1998

    FSX running at very low fps.

    It seems I'm having trouble accessing my config. I'm using steam edition but when I click on the config application file nothing happens. Any help?
  8. Right now I'm using the PMDG 737ngx and no matter what I do to my settings I get very low FPS (mainly because of clouds I think) but even taking the clouds setting to its lowest, when the weather is overcast, FSX really lags for me. I need to know what I really need to change on my computer to enable me to run FSX smoothly. So here are my stats: AMD A10-6700 APU 6.00GB RAM 64bit 3.70GHz If you have any suggestions please share. Thank you
  9. shakir1998

    Can I run PMDG on FSX:SE on Windows 8.1?

    I just downloaded FSX:SE after a couple of months on X-Plane. Before that I had FSX box edition and that just broke on me. Steam edition so far is doing amazing for me with no crashes at all and very good performance. Better than I expected tbh. Do you use PMDG on Windows 8.1?
  10. shakir1998

    Can I run PMDG on FSX:SE on Windows 8.1?

    What about my PC stats? How well can I run PMDG on my computer? Will frame rates be too low?
  11. Here are my stats: AMD A10-6700 APU 3.70 GHz 6.00 GB RAM 64 bit operating system, x64-based processor If not what would be the main reasons?
  12. shakir1998

    Are PMDG aircrafts DirectX10 preview compatible?

    So the planes don't appear to have white textures or anything?
  13. I use windows 8.1 for FSX and I simply cannot use free flight without DirectX10 on as it won't even let me use free flight mode. I was wondering if the PMDG aircrafts are compatible for Directx10 as most add on air crafts are not built for DirectX10 as they appear all white inside and out white.