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  1. Wasp32

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Robert, Both running a company and managing a large team in a profession where the operator assumes the majority of the criticism and accolades, I have found that continuously praising and acknowledging my team’s hard work and accomplishments never goes unnoticed. Please be assured that your team and the community realize that your leadership style has proven that you are a master of the above. One more point, then I promise I will get off my soapbox. Addressing the cantankerous members of the community, I ask them to ponder a simple question. A question that my beautiful wife (past US Air Force KC-135 commander and now a 75/76 commercial pilot) often asks. “Why do you spend so much time and money screwing around on that stupid computer playing that stupid flying game?” A great book that I highly recommend, The Triple Agent,by Joby Warrick highlights the lives of those unsung clandestine heroes that died in the 2009 bombing of the CIA outpost in Afghanistan, Camp Chapman. When the author portrays Sharif Ali bin Zeid of the Jordanian Intelligence Office and also a member of the Jordanian royal family, he describes a very intense personality, whom on a daily basis, stared both death and terrorism directly in the face. Joby goes on to describe how bin Zeid would fly on his flight simulator (what sounded very similar to the PMDG 737) on a regular basis for relaxation and to manage stress. We all use flight simulation “the hobby” for different reasons. I get enough flack from my wife because “the hobby” is part of my stress management protocol. Hopefully my soapbox encourages the cantankerous few to respect why other members are involved in the community and keep stress out of “the hobby.”
  2. Wasp32

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Robert, Thanks for the update and professionalism that you bring to the flight simulator community. I personally am pleased that PMDG is exploring the possibility of developing aircraft for Xplane, even though I predominately use Prepar3D. Multiple flight simulator platforms that empower developers are a positive step toward ensuring the future of our community. I understand that an additional investment to run a first class product such as a PMDG aircraft over multiple platforms seems obscene to some. PMDG and other first class developers, operating in an open market, have invested their profits back into their companies over the last decade, advancing their products and our community. I look at multiple platforms as more consumers, which will enable developers to invest in the future and advancement of flight simulation. But then again I contemplated buying a Dakota wingtip office desk, harvested from the high Bolivian plains, with the help of a very attractive Italian woman. Was a pleasure to finally shake your hand Sir! Mark Holmes
  3. Mark, Thanks so much for responding to my post. Dave was nice enough to allow me to reset my P2ATC thinking that I messed something up within it. Unfortunately and Fortunately it did not fix the X-ATC-Chatter. So I dug deeper and retraced my steps. What I realized I did was download the new version of ATC_Chatter (I use my MacBook to download files) and when it unzips the files it leaves a weird copy of each file that are 4KB in size. I did not delete these files as I did when I dowloaded the first version. Since these files were listed in folders first - P2ATC was trying to play these files instead of the correct files. Once I deleted them all was again perfect. If you ever need an advocate for your product please don't hesitate to ask. Pilot2ATC along with X-ATC-Chatter has completely changed the immersion level of flightsiming for me. Mark
  4. Mark, Have you had recent reports of the chatter disappearing - as reported above in pilot2ATC? I love the immersion of the chatter and now flying without it is not that enjoyable. Recently I switched regions from the United States - to Europe over the Atlantic on a flight and have completely lost all the chatter. I have tired everything listed above and cannot get the chatter to return. Any ideas of what else I can do. Appreciate any help. Thanks. Mark Holmes (Pilot2ATC with X-Plane11 and P3D4)
  5. Anders, If this message if for me and not Scott. On 2 of my platforms I have Prepar3d V3 and V4. On 1 of my platforms I have only V4. I cannot get it to install on my platforms that have V3 and V4. It only installs into V4 where I was getting the above error. I will have to try to install only into V4 on the platform where I am getting the "unable to find smoke system in aircraft.cfg"
  6. I have reached out to support multiple times this last week without a response so have attempted to figure things out on my own. I have 3 different platforms, with 3 seperate accounts and licenses to FSFX products. My third platform (Platform C) has Windows 10 as the operating system with only Prepar3d V4 installed. The 77 and 73 Immersion installed without any issues. My first platform (Platform A) has Windows 7 Professional as the operating system with Prepar3d V3 and V4, and gave me the above error when installing the 73 Immersion. 77 Immersion installed with no errors. This morning I attempted to install only V4 for the 73 Immersion and it installed without the error you mentioned above. May want to try only installing into Version 4 and see if it works. My 2nd platform (Platform B) has windows 10 as the operating system, Prepar3D V3 and 4. 77 Immersion installs without any problems but 73 Immersion gives me an error stating "Unable to find the smoke system in aircraft.cfg" I will attempt to install only into version 4 to see if it installs without an error. I hope this helps. Scott, ave you reached out to Support with a response back?
  7. Hi did you get a resolution to this error? I am having the same error message. Mark
  8. I took delivery of my 777-200LR yesterday on a flight from KPAE to KTPA. With reasonable settings, I achieved no less than 23fps with all of the FTX-Orbx bells and whistles along with Active Sky Next. I had the OME bell going off approaching Tampa due to my photo-real scenery of the area, but again never dropped below 23fps. Was able to taxi to where I wanted to park and power her down without an OME. I know that everyone has a different flight simulator budget, expectations and requirements for product complexity and quality. PMDG has delivered exactly what they had promised. A realistic high quality simulation of the Boeing 777 aircraft on a flight simulator platform that is most likely the future of desk top flight simulation. I appreciate Rob's clarification about pricing. He has proven that he is always willing to keep the community informed. I do not feel that Rob needs to offer justification about PMDG pricing. If PMDG finds that the demand for their products does not correspond with anticipated profits, I am sure that they will adjust their pricing structure accordingly. This is my first time posting on this forum. Stopping short of a rant, I would rather PMDG spend their time continuing to develop amazing products for the future platform of flight simulation than justifying wanting to be compensated fairly in a capitalistic market place. I look forward to PMDG continuing to develop high quality product and am happy to add to their future success and profits. MRH